Sunday, January 27, 2008

Box Shot Graphics

Box shots (sometimes known as "virtual boxes" or "virtual box shots" are graphical mental images depicting a 3D mental representation of how a merchandise might look if it were in a box. However, it should be noted that these mental images are typically used not for physical merchandises (where existent images of the merchandise are used), but instead for intangible ("virtual") products, especially downloadable products, such as as software system (including shareware), audio, music, video, or artwork packages.

Occasionally, especially if you hang around selling treatment forums, you may meet the odd individual who experiences that box shots can be in someway misleading. Usually they'll state something like "Well I cognize they're just graphics, but some people might believe that they stand for the existent product". Personally I believe these people are underestimating the public, because everybody who utilizes a computing machine is familiar with the thought that icons and artwork on the silver screen don't necessarily stand for existent physical objects. That said, I wouldn't desire to put on the line deceptive or confusing even one individual (and wouldn't desire you to either), so I always include a very outstanding notice on my web land sites stating something like "3D box shot mental images make not stand for the existent merchandises which are delivered as electronic downloads".

So what could you utilize a box shot for? Well, apart from simply looking attractive (which some people might state is ground enough to utilize them), box shot artwork can actually be quite useful:

- You could utilize them in advertisement stuffs (e.g. streamer adverts) or on your web site.

- You could utilize them as a navigational component on your web site. For example, if you have got respective merchandises for sale, you could plan a layout with respective box shots, each of these box shots would be accompanied by a little description, and visitants could choose which merchandise to buy (or position more information about) by clicking on the appropriate one.

- You could utilize them within the merchandise itself. When I make a software system product, for example, I personally like to put a box shot either in the splash silver screen graphical (the graphical that is shown when the programme is loading), and/or in the "About" dialogue box (the dialogue box which incorporates programme version and right of first publication information).

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