Saturday, March 31, 2007

12 Essential Security Tools for Your Computer

Unprotected computer or computer without any security tool is always vulnerable to cyber criminals, hackers, spammers and identity thieves. So, to avoid such security problems and identity theft, you should always have security software with some essential features such as firewall, antivirus etc.

The following 12 essential security tools can help you to protect your identity, personal information and data on your computer, so that you can surf the internet without any fear of identity theft, hacking, viruses, spywares etc.

Firewall is essential to block the unauthorized access to your computer data. It monitors the inbound and outbound traffic from your computer to the internet and blocks any suspicious traffic. Network and program firewall is required to block the doubtful traffic and operating system firewall is necessary to protect your operating system and your data.

1. Network and program firewall:

Network and program firewall protects your network and computer from suspicious traffic and shield your programs from malware. For high level of security, it should be a Multi-layer firewall or with multiple layers of security.

2. Operating system firewall:

Some internet security software also provides operating system firewall to protect your operating system. This security tool blocks any malicious software from causing damage to files in your core windows operating system. It also blocks entry of hard to remove spyware with kernel-level threats to computer to protect your operating system from any damage.

3. Full Stealth Mode:

Full Stealth Mode is required to make you invisible to hackers, even when you are connected to net, so that you can access the internet without any fear of getting hacked.

4. Antivirus:

Antivirus is necessary to protect your computer from damages by viruses, worms and trojans. Viruses and worms spread from one computer to another either through e-mails or from files downloaded from internet. Viruses and worms can destroy your files and erase data on your computer. So, to protect your data and your hard disk, you should always have updated antivirus program with the latest definition files.

5. Antispyware:

Antispyware protects your computer from spywares and intruders to protect your personal information. Spywares get installed on your computer without your consent or knowledge and take control of your computer, gather your personal data, information, web activities and web sites you visit and transmit that data to others.

6. Complete Spy Site Blocking:

Spyware distribution websites are the major source for spywares. Security software with complete spy site blocking feature can block these websites and also blocks you from visiting these sites by accident.

7. Identity theft protection:

Nowadays, identity theft is a major problem on internet. With increase in e-commerce, online buying and credit card usage on internet, protection against identity theft is crucial to protect your identity and personal information on your computer. So, identity theft protection is a must security tool while accessing the internet.

8. Real time updates:

Your computer should have latest updates or real time updates against viruses, spywares and any new possible attacks.

9. Anti Spam, Anti Phishing, Email protection:

Phishing mail is a scam, which looks like a correspondence from a bank or institution to gather your personal information or bank details. Anti spam, anti phishing and email protection is necessary to protect you from phishing e-mails and e-mail fraud.

10. Instant messaging protection:

Hackers, spammers, spywares and viruses can attack your instant messaging session. IM messaging protection protects your instant messaging session from these attacks. You can also use this tool to restrict your kid to use instant messengers only with trusted people.

11. Parental control:

This feature is necessary to prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate websites and objectionable content on web sites.

12. Credit Card Monitoring alerts:

Some internet security software also provide credit card monitoring alerts which alert you if your credit card number appears online. This tool is very useful if you use your credit card on internet for transactions.

For more information on internet security softwares available with all these essential security tools, please visit website.

Friday, March 30, 2007

How To Fix A Slow Computer - Simple Tips And Tricks

There are few things in life that are as frustrating as when your computer is grinding along at the speed of a snail. Just a few short years ago we didn't really have this problem, which was before the computer really came into existence in most homes. The problem of slow running computers is not a frustration that most of us have to deal with ever day. Think about when you call someone about some business dealings on the phone, how many times have they told you to wait because their computer is running slow? Here are the most common reasons why your computer is running slowly and how to fix them.

1. Spyware Troubles - These little invasive programs are such a problem that a new word needed to be added to the dictionary when they came into existence. It doesn't matter if you call them spyware or scumware or just a plain ole' pain in the butt, these programs spring popups into your face, slow your computer to a crawl, and cause you to bang your head on the desk repeatedly. Fortunately there are a lot of programs out there for you to download that will help you to remove this scourge from your computer, and keep it at bay.

2. Too Much Running at One Time - Sometimes you shoot yourself in the foot, so to speak. If your system tray (the area near the clock on your computer) is so packed with icons that it looks like Grand Central Station at quitting time then you may be running too many programs at one time. Try right clicking on some of those icons to see what they are and if it's possible that you could live without them.

Keeping your computer clean is pretty much a full time job if you try to do it yourself. Search and find some great software that will clean your computer and help keep it running smoothly, and that means that there is one less thing in life to frustrate you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Make Money With Google AdWords

More and more people in today's world use the Internet as a tool to get or sell product, service or information.

The trend is that most of those users use keywords search, not directories or categories. Google holds the half market of keywords search.

Meanwhile, PPC (pay per click) campaign has hit the web like a storm. Pay per click campaign attracts much more interest from both advertisers and webmasters.

Keywords or key phrases are terms that a possible client would use to find your product or service. Keywords research is a continuous never-ending process that can help increase traffic and attract targeted visitors.

The best answer for PPC campaign to promote your products (including affiliate programs) is Google AdWords. To select your affiliate programs, the easiest way is to sign up to ClickBank, Commission Junction and LinkShare.

Google has leveraged their market share as the internet's top search engine to deliver their version of the pay per click advertising model. Sign up for the AdWords program is free and they only require a $5 USD deposit before they will start to display your ad. It's easy to run and control.

Google's AdWords service has brought success to many businesses by providing them with a large amount of highly targeted traffic from as little as 1 cents per visitor. However, there is probably an equal number of webmasters who have paid for AdWords and seen little benefit or have indeed made substantial losses. If the latter applies to you, then the following may be useful to you.

The problem with Google AdWords is that it has become very difficult to find keywords at a reasonable price. Bidding on keywords like "make money online" or something in that range will kill your advertising budget in no time.

In my personal experience, it seems that a good market will be between 40,000 to 100,000 searches for that particular month. Less than that may be a weak market, and more than that could be too competitive. To find out for sure, you can use the Overture bidding tool for a particular word or phrase, and look at the third bid, it should be at least .30 up to $2.00. Again, less than .30 could be weak and more than $2.00 could be too competitive. You know, Overture is similar to Google AdWords, just it shows you the bid list.

For keywords selection, the best one is Ad Word Analyzer 3.0 You can "Discover the Quick and Easy Way to Drive Massive Amounts of Laser-Targeted Traffic to Your Site Today". Please pay more attention on Targeted Traffic. I want to say "only targeted traffic will soar your sale".

It seemed not very difficult to make profit online with Google AdWords: just join an affiliate program, promote it on Google Adwords and get commissions.

However, you have to learn more about Google AdWords for your living. But the more you learn, the more you will make. I believe it is your new lifestyle to make money online with Google AdWords.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Moving Business Locations And IT Considerations

Most businesses at some point will move to a new location. Whether it is because they've outgrown their current space or for leasing purposes. It is a very stressful time and the one thing that always gets overlooked is their business network. The assumption is that the computers will get moved and once plugged in everything will work as it did before. But that very rarely happens.

With a new location comes a new Internet provider, new IP addresses, wiring setup and the addition of more computers. This article is geared towards businesses moving to a newly constructed space. Part of any successful move is creating a check list of everything that needs to get done. Somewhere in the top 10 of that list should be consulting with your current IT company or hiring one to help in that transition.

Businesses consult with the construction company on the layout of the new space. Where are the offices going to be placed, how big the offices are going to be and so on. And on some occasions the business will tell them that they want to space to be wired with Cat 5 cabling for either phone or data or both. The construction company will say yes, for a price of course, and it is usually left at that.

More emphasis needs to be placed on the wiring layout of the office. A utility room needs to be designated for a central place for all the wiring. This is the room where all the networking equipment will be installed. Networking equipment such as modems, routers and switches. There is an option of installing the server(s) in this room, but that is not a necessity.

In order to ensure a smooth transition and save money, your IT company should be kept in the loop throughout the construction process. If the steps are followed when moving day arrives it should consist of installing the networking equipment, computers and making some minor network adjustments.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Necessary Technology For College Success

The world has changed and the needs of the college student have changed as well. It used to be that plenty of paper, pencils, notebooks and highlighters were all that you needed to be prepared for college. But in today's fast paced technological world much more is needed to be successful. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1- Laptop Computer Many of the features included in a laptop are not absolutes and different people will require different things. One feature that is negotiable is the memory. In most cases, the standard ram and hard drive will be more than sufficient for the average college student. However, if your major is in computer graphics or programming you might require a more advanced memory system. Call your advisor or someone in the department and ask about your computer needs.

The following are features that you definitely want to include in your system:

  • DVD R/RW
  • CD-RW
  • Wireless
  • 2 USB Ports
Preferred brands: Compaq, HP, Dell and Toshiba.
Recommended stores: Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, Circuit City and online. Price Range: $499 - $1299

1 or 2 - 1GB USB jump drives 2.0 Although the USB jump drives don't have to be 1 GB, it's a nice size to begin with and having two will be very handy. The USB drives are going to be very useful for transferring data from one place to another and will allow you to take information without taking the whole computer.

Preferred brands: none
Recommended stores: Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, and Circuit City.

Price Range: $39 - $79

MP3 Player An mp3 player is one of the newest study tools and has many uses. The most important use is the ability to record lectures and then listen to them anywhere. You can also download music, data and videos. The possibilities are endless.

Preferred brands: Sansa, Apple iPod, Samsung, Phillips and Zune.
Recommended stores: Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, and Circuit City.

Price Range: $39 - $349

Note: If the budget can afford it, go for one that can download video.

The above items will also require certain accessories such as blank CD's and DVD's. You will want to get a good laptop case or carrier for transporting your computer. Also, you may want to get a laptop mouse if you have trouble using a touchpad.

Most of all get a computer and MP3 player that you will feel comfortable with and like. These are major purchases and you will be using them for some time to come.

So, pick wisely and enjoy

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How To Use The New Social Bookmarking Revolution

Every new internet innovation, from newsgroups and email to banner ads and popup ads, have allowed smart marketers to make a lot of money, and in most cases that money was made to those who were able to recognize a new trend early on and find ways to use that innovation to their advantage. One of the newest and most potentially valuable trends in the world of the internet is that of social bookmarking, and those who are able to understand and use this trend should be able to profit from it handsomely.

Social networking is an incredibly useful phenomenon, and one of those things that people will wonder how they ever did without. Every internet user, of course, is familiar with the concept of bookmarks, but for many years those bookmarks were confined to a single PC. Anyone who has ever logged on to the internet from a PC at a friend's house, or at school, or at the library, knows how frustrating it can be not to have those bookmarks at hand.

It was out of this frustration that the social bookmarking web sites were born, and these sites are fast becoming the preferred way for internet users of all ages and abilities to search for the information they need. After all, why spend hours searching for the best job related, entertainment related or other links when thousands of internet users have already found and identified their favorite sites. These social bookmarking sites are able to tap the power of the community to provide truly relevant and useful information on virtually any subject.

The key to making all his work is tagging, and tagging is done each time a new entry is created. That entry is marked, or tagged, with a specific word, or a specific phrase, and subsequent users can then search for and find that link via the tag supplied. Best of all, most sites allow users to assign many different tags to the same content making searching and categorization that much easier.

By tagging their own sites and urging other users to mark those sites as bookmarks, smart internet marketers are able to take advantage of this new trend to provide unparalleled exposure and publicity for their sites and their online businesses. These types of social bookmarking web sites have a number of important advantages, and savvy internet marketers should be sure to check them out and see what they have to offer.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Article Writing - Great Tips On How To Write An Article Part 2

Welcome back to great tips on how to write an article. We'll cover a few more things I feel are pertinent for successful article writing that I have discovered.

1) Learn To Write A Good Catchy Title

The first thing you need to do is do a keyword search by using . Your keywords should have been searched at least a thousand times in the preceding month. You can multiply this number by five to come up with the total interest for this keyword among all the major search engines. Try to use your keywords in the title and at least once in the article body. Remember a search engine spider reads from left to right just like we do so don't waste your first four words. Notice above how I phrased this article title and guess what my keywords are.

2) Get Yourself Some Good Article Submission Software

This can be done by punching into Google " free article submission software " or anything along those lines. Some of them you can try out for free for a time. They will range in price from $15 to $300 depending on what you can afford. The one I use cost 37 bucks and is more than sufficient. You'll be able to submit your articles to hundreds of sites a day this way. Manual submission is cumbersome and you'll love how quick this makes things. You will still have to go through each article site and punch in a category for your article but it sure beats copying and pasting everything. Hits to your site will sky rocket.

3) Always Write Your Articles in Notepad and Then Copy and Paste

When I first started I had a lot of declined articles because I didn't understand what hard line breaks were. What this means is when you create your articles you need to use notepad and don't stop in the middle of a sentence unless it is a new paragraph. When you copy and paste from notepad click on format at the top and change the word word wrap function which will stretch out your article horizontally. If you do this you will avoid getting declined with your articles.

4) Try To Make Your Article Easy to Read

Notice how I have spaced this out by using subheadings and paragraphs. This is because it draws the reader along and they don't get tired looking at how much they might have to read. In this present day we don't want to spend a lot of time on anything and the faster we can get the point the better. When I first started writing articles I think my articles were too long. Now I try to keep them shorter and more intense.

So there you have few more good tips on how to write an article. Stay tuned for more on this in coming articles.

Monday, March 19, 2007

TS Remote Access To Your Workplace

In our previous article: VPN Access we discussed connecting to your workplace network using Virtual Private Networking (VPN). Today we'll discuss using Terminal Services to connect. In my opinion this is the preferred way to connect and easier to understand for the client.

Terminal Services is the ability to login into a remote computer and use its application/file resources as if you were physically sitting in front of that computer. For the remote computer you will need an operating system like Windows XP Professional or any server operating system. For this example we'll be using XP Professional.

To configure please do the following: right click "My Computer" -> left click "Properties" -> click on the "Remote" tab on top. Check the box that says "Enable Remote Desktop". Click "Apply" and "OK". An important note is if your remote PC is using XP Pro, when you log in remotely it will lock the local computer out. You don't have to worry about this if you are using any server operating system. As mentioned in our previous article you will have to configure your router for port forwarding to the computer you want to access. The port that needs to be opened is TCP Port 3389.

From the home computer click "Start" -> "All Programs" -> "Accessories" -> "Communications" and then select "Remote Desktop Connection". When the Remote Desktop window opens you will see a white box and the word "computer" right next to it. In the computer box this is where you need to enter in the public IP address of your workplace computer. To obtain that IP address, from your workplace, open up a web browser and go to this address Write the IP number down and enter it in the "computer" field on your home computer.

I want to mention quickly in order to print or copy files from your remote computer you will need to enable a few settings. On the Remote Desktop screen you will see a button that says "Options". Click "Options" then click "Local Resources". Check mark Printers and Drives and then click options again. This will redirect your home printer and drives to your workplace computer.

Once the IP address is entered into the computer field click connect and you will be brought to the log in screen of your work computer. Enter in your user name and password and you should be in. In order for this to work, your work computer must have a password set.

In our next article we'll be discussing Router Port Forwarding.

For more information visit us on the web: PC Tech Solutions - Computer Repair, Sales and Networking

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Internet Marketing - Ten Reasons Why It May Not Work For You

This article is the result of listening to co-workers offering countless excuses why they cannot or will never consider a career in sales – much less internet marketing.

As you know, there are hundreds of "how-to" books and digital products available that promise to teach you how to sell practically everything you could ever want to sell from the comfort of your own computer chair. Back in 1998 when I got online, there were very few reasonably priced products that showed newbies how to make money. Today it's easier than ever to become an internet entrepreneur and earn money that rivals any executive's salary.

Have you noticed that online marketing in general, and affiliate marketing in particular, is very much like regular sales? From what I've observed, the life of a sales person is more of a lifestyle choice – you either take it upon yourself and make the best of it or you don't.

Since I myself have only recently come around to accepting my life as a sales person of digital product and services, I can look back and see there were ten key reasons why I was not making it as an internet affiliate marketer. Actually, this list of failure points came from listening to my own self-talk, listening over the years to excuses for shunning the sales profession from my co-workers (even some of the sales people I've worked with), and reading forum posts from confused and overwhelmed newbies. Those observations bought me to these ten reasons why marketing may not be a do-able career choice for some people.

And now, the 10 reasons why...

#1. Internet marketing won't work for you if you are not willing to read and follow directions – especially when they are made obvious within the general viewing area of the program's website.

#2. Internet marketing won't work for you if you are not used to taking charge. You have to take the initiative to make things happen for yourself. No one has time for holding your hand and building your business because they're busy building their own.

#3. Internet marketing won't work for you if you prefer the comfort and implied security of a steady pay check – no matter how small.

#4. Internet marketing won't work for you if you can't make decisions for yourself. You have to decide how to advertise, how you'll get sales leads, what you'll do with those leads once you get them, etc. Your ultimate decision is this: how much money are you willing to work toward having 365 days after you begin your marketing campaign.

#5. Internet marketing won't work for you if you are afraid of failure. It's hard to make concrete, believable plans when you're quaking with fear. You talk yourself out of beginning the project, thus you never fully commit to going all out for your own success.

#6. Internet marketing won't work for you if you're afraid of success. This is the type of fear that turns people into program hoppers. You just know you can easily succeed with Project A, so you figure you'll make even more money if you go all out and join even bigger Project B. If none of the umpteen projects you're currently working on are bringing you a profit, then perhaps you're just afraid of doing whatever it takes to make a success of just one of them. What it takes is the "F" word: focus.

#7. Internet marketing won't work for you if you have no clue what you'd do with extra money that come to you virtually as in through the ether of the Internet. When you make money online it's almost like making a living in your mind. And if you've never experienced the thrill of even the smallest affiliate pay check, it may all seem like a big dream to you.

#8. Internet marketing won't work for you if you have little or no organizational skills when it comes to your own interests. You may have created the best filing system in the metropolitan downtown area, and your desk may be spotless even in the midst of the most demanding project at your day job. It's up to you to do a skills transfer where your own business is concerned.

#9. Internet marketing won't work for you if you tend to resent the good fortune that comes to others as you lament that such good things could never ever happen for you. Feeling worthy of wealth can be difficult if you grew up with a poverty mentality or an ingrained obligation to self-sacrifice. This is the toughest thing for traditional working class people to overcome.

#10. Internet marketing won't work for you if you can't stand constructive criticism from people you have never met. People you meet online may not seem as real as folks you interact with face-to-face. That's why it's so easy to get involved with Flame Wars in online forums. If you truly want to succeed you've got to be willing to open your mind to the suggestions of forum mates, program managers, your "sponsor", and people who have already become wildly successful.

On a more positive note, you CAN be a success if you just "get over yourself". After all, if you were already "all THAT" wouldn't you yourself be the one receiving big, four- to five-figure pay checks in your mail box or PayPal account each week?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

What To Look For In Anti-Spyware Solutions

With spyware such a serious threat, there are certain specific characteristics that must be expected from spyware or adware detection and removal software. Ideally, all antispyware solutions must do a complete PC clean.

Any software that picks up information from your computer without your awareness can be called Spyware. Some spyware just tracks your Internet connection and information related to your operating system. Other types of spyware pick up personal data like your browsing behavior and spies on your private files collecting data it can relay to outside parties.

Obviously most people wouldn't allow spyware into their computers. Most people do not mind some tracking of data, provided personal information is not included. But they don't appreciate their computer being spied upon without their approval. When there is no antispyware installed, spyware does worm its way into the computer and gathers information.

To avoid the spyware problem, what should we look for in an antispyware solution? Read on.

Basic Features To Look For

The antispyware software must have the tools that make it easy to detect and remove spyware and adware. Detailed descriptions must be provided after you scan your system so that you have the choice of deciding whether you want to delete or retain the entry. The antispyware must be able to auto update itself with the latest definitions of spyware. It must have the facility of auto scheduling so that you don't have to manually do it each time. If you happen to accidentally erase something, you should be able to reverse the action.

Effective And Ease Of Operation

Your antispyware must not only detect and remove spyware and adware but also be able to prevent spyware from getting into your computer. It must be able to remove the maximum kinds of spyware and adware. Above all, you must find the antispyware easy to use. The language used must not be so complicated that you spend your time just figuring out what they mean. The antispyware scan must be quick and run in the background. Customization should be easy. You should be able to scan specific parts of your computer. You should also be able to choose which items to exclude from scanning. While setting up and installing the antispyware software should be easy and quick to download and install.

The antispyware software should have a help file that is easy to consult. If your queries go beyond that, you should be able to get in touch with product customer support that responds satisfactorily. The right kind of antispyware can keep your pc spyware and adware free and protect your own privacy.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Successful Internet Marketing – Web Traffic

Successful Internet marketing is generating lots of revenue from your visitors. How is this possible? How can we turn visitors into customers? First of all, we must find a product with a ready pool of buyers-i.e., targeted traffic. Market research on the popularity of the product helps you find the potential market on the Internet. If a product has no demand or limited demand, then it is not worth marketing, as it takes a lot of effort to promote the product with very little reward. In other words, we need to work smartly. You can check the commonly sought-after items from sites such as Yahoo, Overture, etc. These sites provide data on a number of searches per month for a particular product, which will help you make good decisions on what to sell.

Successful Internet marketing does not happen overnight after the web site is created. The site needs to be promoted. Quality traffic to the site will certainly help sales explode. You can find this quality-targeted traffic from the forum of the product's interest group. Post your comment and offer your knowledge to the community, build your reputation as a trusted expert on the topic, and get the community to be interested in your post by offering sound advice and good information. Alternatively, write articles about the product and submit them to various online publishers; readers will pick up a well-written article with useful content, and they will return. Remember to provide links to your web site to allow potential customers to explore your product conveniently.

Article submission and posting comments to forums are not the only marketing strategies to increase traffic to your web site. Posting regularly to your blog and working on keywords are some of the many other ways that help increase traffic and ranking of your site. In short, successful Internet marketing needs constant input to improve the ranking of your web site.

High-quality visitors to your site are valuable assets, therefore the ability to retain these visitors is the key to successful Internet marketing. There are many ways to retain your visitors. The two best and proven ways are opt-in and membership sites. Offer readers your free newsletters when they sign up for the membership site. You need to build trust and loyalty among your members, therefore it is important that you offer them quality, frank, and truthful information and that you never send spam.

Successful Internet marketing is not limited to just marketing a single product successfully. Back-end products and up-sales are ways to extend your sales. These products can be offered in your thank-you message after the first purchase. You can feature them in your newsletters or emails sent to your members. Basically, there are unlimited ways to market them.

Finally, successful Internet marketing has no space and time dimension. It is up to your innovative creativity to make the results of successful Internet marketing last a long time.

Effective Use of Computer Training Videos

The use of videos in training has opened up new possibilities in almost every area that uses training in any way. The use of visual images and the ability to display charts and illustrations is extremely effective. This is true in computer training. Computer training videos come as close as possible to recreating an actual classroom environment. In some ways, the use of videos can surpass a classroom. It is only the direct response to a confused student that can be provided by a live instructor that surpasses the video presentation.

Computer based training, or CBT, is another use of the video. A video presentation can be used on a computer. This enables an employee that works with a computer at his job station to actually use his computer as the monitor for the training video. All evidence that has been collected supports the value of CBT. It has been shown that as little as three hours of CBT has led to as much as a 19% increase in productivity. There has been a demonstrated increase in employee skills and efficiency after exposure to even the most minimal video based training.

When you use Computer training videos for the IT training, it is important to make a proper selection of your video material. There are thousands of Computer training videos available on the market. They cover every area that could be imagined. This makes it possible to match the videos used in an organization's training program to the type of work done within the organization. Videos that spend excessive amounts of time covering material that is not necessary will alienate the students and waste precious training time. The person responsible for coordinating the training should review the videos to insure they are appropriate to the training needs.

Once the proper videos have been selected and the training schedule has been established, it is important to treat training with a sense of priority and purpose. If the employees or students perceive that training is not considered that important within the organization, they will not give it the attention necessary to achieve first rate results. On the other hand, when training is treated as a valuable and necessary part of the overall mission statement of the organization, this attitude will be reflected in the attitude of the students. Computer training videos that are of high quality and appropriate to the organization's goals can help show that training is being taken seriously.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Virtual Internet Affiliate Tips and Tricks

The question Most people ask when they first start internet marketing is. Where does most of your business growth comes from?

The Answer to that question is from JV Partners and affiliates

But first of all let me say that no matter how strong your own program is, there is no program on the Internet strong enough to survive on its own. Every Internet Marketeer will still need help from time to time, and the first and strongest form of help is from your Joint venture partners who will form the backbone of any network,

The Affiliates are the second strongest source of help you will get. Most Internet Marketing Companies owe a great deal to these guys because they generally pull in a fair proportion of business on a regular basis.

So where do they come from ?

The No1 source is from right within your own network itself. It sometimes seems that so many of the members in most programs really appreciate just being members so they just want to get right in there and tell everyone they know about it. So most program owners attitude to that is, whilst they were going to tell others about your program anyway they may as well make some money in the process, right! So they will, or should, make it easy for them to become Affiliates, and some of those early Affiliates then move right on up and become JV Partners in the system too

So are there any other sources of JV Partners and Affiliates that you can use?

Well, you can find affiliates from the many forums on the Internet. Forums are the most time consuming, but they can be one of the best sources of good Affiliates because the guys in there are always looking for good deals and new products to promote so they have to be active themselves. Roughly speaking most of these affiliates will manage their own mail lists and have a very hands on approach to the whole thing, and as most of them know their down line members and mail list members on a personal basis you should try to do as much as you can to help them with tools and gizmo's to get their own shows in your Affiliate network on the road too.

What I am saying is that you help them and then they help you in return ?

The Third Place to find affiliates is from specialist JV sites. The results some of these guys bring in can be amazing....

Some of the Guys in these JV Networks account for Millions of dollars worth of business each year.

For example, if you bought into Mike Filsaime Butterfly Marketing system some time ago you would have found many of the Big guys also hang around in his Forums. Mike is just about the Number One Marketing Guy right Now, and it has made him a millionaire. As Part of the Butterfly set up you would also have automatically become a member of his inner circle so you could also work one on one with these people too. Mike also runs a couple of other systems and one of them is called JV Network.

Entry into the JV Network is By Invitation Only. No one can become a member without a private invitation to the site from an existing member. If you Mosey on over to the JV Network Site you may be able get in as they sometimes open the doors for short periods of time, so you may be able to Join from there.

So what do you do to help your Affiliates Once you have found a source?

Well the answer is that you make them an agent or a distributor for your products.

Good Affiliates all seem to enjoy doing it too, they can bring in some real cool business on a regular basis. Its a win win situation for everyone. the product owner wins because they get tons of new clients into the system, and usually the JV's and Affiliates also get to share the names and e-mails of their referrals from their Affiliates Back Office in the systems. And then when people upgrade or buy any of other products from the site owners system they also get paid commissions on those too..

So as you can see, recruiting and nurturing your JV Partners and Affiliates is definitely a win win situation for everyone, and if you are into Internet Marketing at all, then you should be looking to create your own products and building your Affiliate army to help you along your Pathway to wealth creation.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Discover Which Business Home Internet Work Secrets Produce Results

If you are sitting there, surfing the web dreaming about your own business home internet work opportunity, there are some fundamental steps that are critical to turning your goals into real dollars and profit.

You must have heard the common characteristics that motivate people to seek out information and buy products online, they are the avoidance of pain and seeking of pleasure - otherwise known as the pain pleasure principle.

Ok, so that's useful right? But how do you turn this knowledge into your own business home internet work success?

The pain and pleasure principle is fine, but what is really important is to understand what specific pain people seek to avoid or what pleasure they seek and relate that to a certain market.

Here's a simple example.

Why would someone want to lose weight?

Pain avoidance could include...reducing impact of diabetes, avoid the pain of back or knee surgery, reduce the likelihood they will be embarrassed or not accepted in certain social circles, or they could be tremendously afraid of not being able to form meaningful relationships and therefore die lonely and ignored.

Pleasure seeking could include more sex, improved relationships, greater self-confidence leading to better lifestyle and financial success.

I'm sure you can come up with many others, but it's important that you see clearly what it means to uncover opportunity within any market from the general pain versus pleasure principle.

If you truly are interested in moving your business home internet work plans to the next level, then it's essential that you hit a nerve in a marketplace that taps into desperate demand.


Just before sharing this information with you, I just hung up the phone from a coaching call with someone who has worked in a niche market for 12-years as a trainer. He now wants to transition his business to the internet starting with information products - but oddly told me flat out that there were no niches or demand left in the area he worked in.

I can't tell you the niche, but rest assured it is one of the most lucrative niches for infoproducts, so why couldn't he see it?

In fact, he was too close to his market and had been ignoring what was right before his eyes all of these years - he had NEVER considered the real motivators or reasons people came to him for training.

I almost fell off my chair!!

But, this is common - many people ignore obvious market opportunities because they have chosen to deal with their customers at a surface level - never digging up the real motivations behind the solutions they offer. I'm convinced this is the cause of the high rate of failure for small businesses. Trust me, you don't want to follow the same mistaken path for your business home internet work enterprise.

So - it's one thing to say pain and pleasure, it's another to really research your market, investigate their feelings and motivations, spy on their conversations and behaviors (in ethical ways of course), take not of what they are buying and why they are buying - that's what will make you wealthy beyond belief.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Increase On Line Traffic Using A Secret Method

It's easy to put together a website about your chosen topic or business, but another thing to get targeted visitors. I can verify this myself, after trying numerous so called ways to drive traffic to my websites, I figured there must be some easier way. Well, there is no straight easy way, only a smart way. You see what I am about to reveal to you takes some work, but, and this is the big but, it is smart – it works and works well.

So please pay careful attention to what you are about to read, its not rocket science, just plain common sense.

First, you need to ensure your website has all of its pages indexed, preferably in Google and that all of the pages are not in the supplementary index. The supplementary index is like a secondary index that Google puts pages it thinks contains duplicate content. This is a slow painful death to your site as none of the supplementary pages will show in Google searches. The only exception to this is when your search on Google returns so few results that Google will then use results from the supplementary index.

How do you know if your site is in the supplementary index?

Do a site search on Google. For example if your site is increase on line traffic then you would type into the Google search box. This will return all of the pages of your site indexed by Google. If you see the words supplementary in green after any page, this means that page is in the supplementary index, and you need to get it out of there, as it can slowly pull down all your other pages.

So how do you get your site out of the supplementary index?

Well you rewrite your page so that it has unique content, ensuring you also have more than just a few sentences on the page. The rule of thumb is you need at least as many words as you would find on your navigation bar including footers and headers. If your navigation bar, footers and headers are 300 words in total, you will need at least 300 words of original content on that page.

Next step is to search for forums on your topic. Do a search on Google using the keywords 'forum+topic', where topic is the topic your site is about. For example if your site is about targeted traffic, you would search for 'forums+targeted traffic'. You would then visit these forums and become a member. Once a member you would create a signature that contained a short call to action to go to your web site with your url. Then you would simply ask questions and also answer any posts you felt capable of answering, of course with your signature at the end of the post. It's a little work, but does produce good results.

Next step is to submit your site to as many free and paid directories as you can. Do a search on Google for directories and then submit your site to those that are relevant. You will need to have prepared some titles, and some descriptions beforehand. These titles and descriptions are what you will use for your directory submission. Make sure that your titles are researched well. Use keywords in your titles that people will search for within Google.

Can I Really Make Money On The Internet

Many internet marketers would probably have asked themselves this question at some time or other: "Can I really make money on the internet?" You may already have tried your hand at it or you now want to consider it. You would have heard people say that only 10% of those who get into it succeed. Some even say that it is only 5%. The point is if 5% or 10% can make it, how can you make sure that you are one of those?

It is a fact that some people make it. So you should be able to learn it from how these people are doing it, and there is no shortage of products that say they will teach you how to make money on the internet.

Easier said than done. The internet is a very noisy place. You can search the net on how to make money online and you will get many different possibilities. Then there will be this typical subscription box that will be on the page or float in telling you that you will get some information or tool for free that will tell you everything there is to know. Since, it is free, typically people will subscribe as they are interested in making money on the internet.

Now that you have subscribed, you will get an email to confirm that you asked to subscribe. This is a good thing as it helps avoid spam. You will only get information if you opt in. Then you are given access to some report or tool. There are good reports and there are rehashed reports. Assuming it is a good report, you learn something. If you are a complete newbie at this, you probably still will not know the next action. Typically, most tools handle only some specific aspect. If you needed such a tool, then you can use it and get value from it. If not, people will probably archive it somewhere in case they can use it in future. If you are a little familiar, you could take some action but still there will be some nagging questions. The question "Can I really make money on the internet?" arises again.

After you have opted in, you will then start getting emails. Some of these internet marketers are generous with the kind of information they provide and you can take some actions. It is only fair that for their contribution, they will send emails that promote certain products. Some of these pages are so good, that it can be difficult to resist purchasing the product immediately. Of course, there are testimonials but sometimes you wish there could a comparison with other products that you can see before you decide to purchase.

So you get the product. Unfortunately some of these sales pages read as if there is little or almost nothing you need to do to make money online. Whatever the sales page leads you to think, take note that there is work to be done. There are people who like what they read in the sales page and buy the product. After reading, some action will be required. You think that you will get to it later, but another exciting web page or email will appear in front of you, and the whole cycle begins again. Purchase the next product and no action. Ask yourself "Can I really make money on the internet?" at this point in time. If no action is taken, there will be no money to be made.

To be fair, a lot of people take action, but they find that the product handles only one aspect of the whole internet marketing angle. You might get a whole bunch of freebies thrown in to help, but it is so difficult to get the whole thing to hang together. For some products, you will find help from forums, but many a time you really wish you had a mentor to whom you can ask specific questions. Unfortunately there are even mentor programs that do not live up to expectations.

So to the question "Can I really make money on the internet?", the answer is "yes". The challenge is in finding a product or a program where information, guidance and tools are presented in a manner that is easy to follow. It will be much better if there is some kind of mentoring that you can get along with the rest of the stuff. With the products, actions and a bit of patience, you definitely should be able to make money on the internet.

Monday, March 12, 2007

7 Ways Seminars Scam You - Or You Scam Yourself

I went to this free seminar recently and spent $3500. Wait a minute. Did I get scammed? The big seminar was great. I met some wonderful people there but I left with $3500 less than when I walked in with! What's free about that? It's a scam. I was tricked into taking the bait, enjoying the show and then opening my checkbook to some charismatic golden-throated speaker in front of hundreds of his followers. I've been duped. I've been scammed. I've been had by the best.

Oh, don't get me wrong, the people putting on the big seminar didn't scam anyone. I scammed myself! Thanks to internet gurus like Armand Morin, Russell Brunson, Marlon Sanders, and Jim Edwards; there are plenty of great seminars out there for anyone wanting to learn how to make money on the Internet. These guys are big seminar masters and they're on the leading edge of what it takes to succeed on Web 2.0. But, they're not the problem.

There are tons of big seminar promoters out there and although most of them are legitimate, some are not. But it's not the seminar people who are the problem, we are the problem! We are the problem because we create expectations in our mind that are so unrealistic or so far-fetched we can't possibly live up to the fantasies we create.

Here are just a few of the scams that I have perpetrated upon myself over the years. Do you recognize any of these embarrassing scams?

1. The Zero Dinero Scam - Believing I can get something for nothing. Even though there may be plenty of free information being given out by respectable seminar presenters I am still the one that needs to implement what I've learned.

2. The Rich Uncle Rescue Scam - Hoping I'll find the sugar daddy to find me, feed me and fund me. Your rich uncle and your rich seminar leader can give you lots of advice but you alone hold the power to change your life. Waiting for a rich uncle to take care of you is a scam you can do without. Take control of your life. Quit hoping and start working.

3. The Lypo-suction Seduction Scam- Looks are deceiving and getting sucked into a seminar just because it looks good or you think it makes you looks good just ain't good! Lypo-suction is a quick way to get rid of the fat without the hard work. Seminars may bring you attractive opportunities but you still have to do the work. Put a little lipstick on a pig and you still have a pig. If you're a seminar junky and you never really use that stuff, just knock it off. Either quit going to seminars and accept your place in life or actually do something with all that wisdom you've been listening to!

4. The One-Night-Stand Scam - Don't be seduced into another "one nighter." Go to a seminar that works a little more like a marriage. You want a long-term commitment from the people you meet and greet to get the most mileage from your investment of time and energy. If you wouldn't want to see the people you meet at the seminar after the seminar, then you're in the wrong seminar.

5. The Attraction-Without-Action Scam- Fooling yourself into believing that if you just think positive, you can sit there in your Lazy Boy and success will find you. Ain't happen' dog. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" is great for little toy trains going up the mountain but it doesn't work that way in the real world. If all you get out of that seminar is some great thinking, then I think you're sunk.

6. The Bright Shiny Object-of-the-Week Scam – This looks cool, I think I'll try this! If you easily jump from one idea to the next, consider this. My friend went to a seminar and bought a software program to trade currency on the international markets recently. The software looked so cool and the seminar was slick and polished. Problem was, he didn't have any currency to trade to start with. But that bright shiny object he paid $800 for sure looked good! Look beyond the surface before you sign up for the next seminar. Is it something you really want to do or is just another bright shiny object on the sidewalk of life?

7. The Book-Buyer Scam – Collect the books, tapes, and CD's but never read them or listen to them. If you're the kind of person that gets excited by a great presentation and buys every up-selling item at the seminar, then leave your checkbook and credit card at home and focus on paying attention to the seminar. If you do buy additional materials at the big seminar, then use them immediately.

I don't like to beat up on myself too much because life is a learning process. Unfortunately I never went to the "How to Avoid Stupid Seminars Seminar" long ago. The only real problem with most seminars from my perspective is usually just that, my perspective! If you want to maximize your next big seminar experience and avoid getting scammed (by yourself and others) then do this:

• Adjust your expectations – back to reality

• Focus on learning two or three things that you can act on immediately

• Find a small number of people who you really connect with and build a relationship that will continue after the seminar

• Use these connections to help you stay committed to integrating what you learned

• Set emotions aside and calmly think through which tools, books, and CD's to buy

Keep an open mind, think it through and don't be scammed by you know who!

Designing a Web Site – Part 1, Choosing the Right Web Design Company

Recently I took on a new customer through a referral. In discussing their needs, I found out that a very well known web design and search engine optimisation company had not been straight with her. When we were able to tell her what we could do for her and at what price, she realised that she had previously been misled. The hourly cost of some companies might seem attractive, but the number of hours they claim they need to do the job is the ugly side of the coin.

Cases like this prompted me to write this article. People need to be aware of certain essentials when looking for a web design company. Let's face it; the average person doesn't know how much work is really involved in working on a website, and some 'let's-make-a-quick-buck' businesses try to take advantage of this.

In this two-part series I am focusing on what you need to do to build a website. Whether you are building a brand new website, or re-designing an old website, or currently using a web design company for ongoing maintenance, these tips will help to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Part 1 of this two part series focuses on what you need to look for when choosing the right web design company.

Part two will cover what you need to do to prepare to have someone else build your new website.

If you follow these tips in choosing the right web design company, you might find you will save a considerable amount of money.

1. Web design portfolio

Look at their portfolio for other websites they have designed. Do you like the other websites they have designed? Do the designs look up-to-date by comparison to other websites you have seen?

2. Business history

How long have they been in business - Everyone needs to start somewhere, but if you are hiring someone that has just started their business and does it part-time, make sure this is not just a little hobby they have on the side to bring in a few additional dollars. This designer might not be around in twelve months time when you need to make changes to your website. This will be a real problem if they had the original design files--it is not standard practice for your designer to give you the original design files without you incurring an additional cost.

3. Website design with the search engines in mind

Do they understand search engine optimisation, and offer this as a service? You may not be interested in having search engine optimisation performed on your website today, but it is an inevitable path you need to take at some point, and not having a website designed in a search engine friendly manner from the beginning will likely cost you a lot more to have your site redesigned at a later stage.

4. Unique designs or web design templates?

Do they use templates, or do they build a website tailored to your unique needs? If they do use templates, are they templates built in-house, or have they purchased them from a template site. If they use templates do they have the skill and experience to provide you with everything you need from beginning to end?

5. Flexibility of service offering

How flexible they are in meeting your needs as a business. Are they always able to provide you with everything you need for your web solutions? A good web solutions company will find the answer for you, even when they don't immediately know the solution.

6. Customer satisfaction

Do they have any testimonials? What genuine comments can others make about their experience with this company? Make sure the testimonials are real--take time to contact some of them. Integrity and honesty is a very important key to ensuring you are well looked after by the web design company you choose.

7. Turn around time

If you are looking at using them in an ongoing way to manage your website, what kind of turn around times do they offer, and do they have the resources to adequately manage your needs?

8. Browser compatibility

What browsers do they design a website for? At the very least, they should be testing in IE6, IE7, and Mozilla Firefox. Your website can look quite different between different browsers, and Firefox is very quickly gaining a large proportion of market share, so you can count on many of your web visitors viewing it in a browser other than IE.

9. Web Hosting

Do they provide web hosting, or do they use a 3rd party? This can be an important decision. A small web design company that simply has a server on their premises to host their customers' website may not be your best option. A dedicated web host--providing you choose the correct one--can often be a better option as this is what they specialise in. Choosing the correct web host can mean the difference between having your website up 99.9% of the time, and having visitors to your website constantly getting error messages. The web hosting plan should also offer a comprehensive web statistics package to help you track the performance of your website.

10. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Is satisfaction guaranteed before payment? If the website is being designed for you from scratch, make sure that you don't have to pay the full amount until you are satisfied with the end result. Will it cost you anything extra if you don't like their additional draft?

11. Design and coding

Ask whether they design their websites in CSS. Not only will this be beneficial for your website rankings by making it easier for your website to be read, it will decrease loading time, and make future changes to your website much quicker and easier, decreasing your ongoing costs.

I hope these points help you make the right decision.

If you feel your current web design company may not be doing the right thing by you, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Internet Marketing Strategy: How To Find Your Customers & Reduce Their Anxiety

In this internet marketing strategy, it is about how to find your customers and reducing their anxiety. When you want to start selling your own products or service, you have to find out how you're going to find your target market. And with that target market, in order to make the most out of your products, you have to reduce their anxiety, because customers fear to place trust into your judgement and your product unless they have enough proof or evidence to show that yoor product or service is worthwhile.

Now, to find your customers, for example, if you are promoting a step-by-step e-book on how to lose weight, find out the popular keyword or keyword phrases your customers might type into the search engine box when they are looking for a weight loss product. You can use the free Yahoo! Overture tool or other free keyword research tools on the Internet. By finding out that keyword or keyword phrase, you can place that into your site to optimize it.

You can also use that keyword phrase in your advertising campaign. Write an advertisement that stands out and caters to what your customer needs. For example, if the keyword phrase was 'weight loss program' and you're using pay-per-click advertising like Google Adwords, you can advertise something like this:

--Ultimate Weight Loss Program

-- Safe Weight Loss Program Proven to shed fats in 30 Days!

Not only does that advertisement above drives targeted traffic to your site, it caters to your customers' needs such that it provides the reassurance of health and a fast effect to the weight of their body. In a way, it reduces a small percentage customer anxiety. But, when your customers click on this ad to your site, your product is far from getting sold at just at a glance of it. You have to prove to your customer that your product is something worth having.

When customers are evaluating the product, they are evaluating you and your site as well. They want to know if they can trust you. Basically, what you have to do is you have to use this internet marketing strategy to reduce your customer's anxiety. The research team at did an experiment to see if the overall look and feel of the site matches the purpose of what you're selling and how this will help in reducing customer anxiety. They found out that the color, page layout, copy tone and other visual attributes such a professional/corporate look of the site has tremendously helped in reducing customer anxiety.

Some other factors that contributed were:


Use testimonials to reduce anxiety or by indirectly answering their questions. For example, if they are worried about how long they would take to get your product, include a testimonial of a customer where he talks about how fast he has received the product.

-Offer a guarantee

By offering a guarantee you are assuring your customer of the product's credibility and that they have free will to return it or claim a refund if they find that the product is not working to their advantage. Customers want to be assured that their money is well spent.

On the whole, this Internet marketing strategy on how to find your customers and reduce their anxiety has been proven and tested, and it is one of the most beneficial strategies to learn in order to attain large amounts of profits for your business.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

What is a Blacklist?

As the medium of communication evolves, so is the marketing world. Businessmen keep on taking advantage of the internet as their campaign vehicle. Through online marketing campaign, targets can receive emails – promotion, updates, etc in just a moment. Internet marketers were free to send newsletters to as many recipients as they wanted not until blacklisting issue came to exist.

Blacklists are lists of addresses believed to send spam (unwanted and unsolicited messages sent by unethical marketers). These lists are maintained by certain individuals and groups who monitor the internet for spam reports. They then compile the IP addresses or the domains of those sources reported as spam senders.

Since spam is unlikely and never productive, email users want to exclude this from their inboxes. Because of users demand for a clean mail box, major ISPs and mail administrators look for a blacklist to meet their users need. Once you're IP or domain address is included in the blacklist your email messages will not reach your prospects' inboxes unless you apply for whitelising.

The main drawback of a blacklist is that some innocent senders are included on it, thus legitimate emails from legitimate senders are blocked. Marketers face blacklisting dilemma in terms of sending opted in promotional and news reports for their clients. Spam filters block their messages because their domains are included in the blacklist used by their clients' mail administrator. You can be blacklisted if you have sent a legitimate message in the past which was flagged as spam.

Spam filters check messages based on subject line, content, html code, etc. Your message can be flagged as spam even though you are a CAN SPAM compliant if you fail to take into consideration content assessment of your message.

Friday, March 9, 2007

How To Analyze And Improve Your Website

Every webmaster will ask him or herself "How can I improve my website?" Your website is an important and essential tool of business but are you using it to your greatest advantage? Most webmasters have some soft of script that tracks the amount of hits, unique visitors, and where the traffic is coming from. What this script won't tell you is if your visitors are effectively being sold on your product or service. A good example of your website not being efficient is if you are receiving a large amount of traffic but only seeing a small amount of closed sales. Don't worry, there is hope! This article will provide you with direction and tips to improve your traffic turn over.

Lesson 1: Simplicity

Your website should be as simple as possible. When someone opens your website, they should immediately be able to see what you are offering within seconds. If they cannot, this will greatly reduce your overall ability to maximize sales.

Lesson 2: Clarity

Keep your visitors free of frustration or you will lose them. Add value to your product or service after it has been identified. Have you ever watched those commercials for prescription drugs in which they never tell you what the drug cures? This is a perfect example of a terrible marketing. The only reason they get away with it is because they are often the only one that offers the cure.

Lesson 3: Look

Professionalism is a must! If your website isn't your only store front it certainly represents your business in a major way. Don't skimp on your website when it comes to the look or you may as well not have a site online at all. Have it represent your company view and direction while incorporating the other lessons explained in this article.

Lesson 4: Content

Offer your visitors enough content so that they will not need to check elsewhere to have their questions answered. Your website should offer all the information required for the customer to research and purchase the service or product. Without it, you risk loosing your sale to a competitor that provides such information.

Lesson 5: Contact

Your contact information should always be listed and easy to find. This includes your address and phone number not just your email address. Even if your company is based solely online, an address should be provided to show your customers that you do exist in real life!

Best Ways To Make Money With Clickbank

Clickbank is the most popular affiliate network. This network acts as an intermediary between a customer ordering your product and receiving it.

To start making money with Clickbank you first need to choose the products that you wish to promote. There are millions of products to choose from. One of the ways to find best products to promote is to look for top paying products.

Login to Clickbank Account and navigate to the Clickbank Marketplace. In the search panel at the top there is the Category field and the "Sort By" field. From the Category field select the category of products you are interested in and from the "Sort By" field select "$ Earned/Sale". This will show you how much you will earn every time you make a sale. Next step is to see how popular these top paying products are. Set the "Sort By" field to Popularity. If the same top paying products you have found in the first search also came up near the top of the second search, you have found a bunch of hot products. These products sell well and pay well.

Now when you have a bunch of good products all you need to do is to start promoting them on your websites. The most effective way of doing this is to purchase the products, test them out for yourself and write a short review on each product. Then post these reviews on your websites. Don't forget to include your own ClickBank hoplink for each of your products. This way if someone reading your review follows your hoplink and buys a product you reviewed then you will make money from that sale. It is that simple. The trick is to promote the websites with your.

A good way is to have an opt-in form that lets visitors to sign up for more information about the product. You can then send your leads a promotional email with your hoplinks included. Promote your websites regularly and you will make sales! This is all you need to do to start earning money with Clickbank.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

How To Choose the Right SEO Content Services

Much discussion is out there and found in various forms such as forums, ezines, blogs & sites that help educate you on what is happening in the SEO world. SEO Content without a doubt and no matter where you read it, is the same message... it is absolutely a must have if you want to gain any natural positions in the search engines. Hence we get into the whole bit about SEO Content Services. Questions arise as to which companies can really provide these services in the proper way.

Before I get into how to properly look for a SEO Content Service worthy of your time, I want to ask a question first, a bit of a personal question about your character. How easily are you persuaded into products and services? Now, to be fair I am not challenging your intelligence I want to make a point. The point being that most of us are generally in a position that we have worked very hard and want to see pay off for all our hard work. Knowing this passion we have companies have chosen to prey upon us like thieves. Yes, these companies know we are desperate for results, that we have a certain amount of funds we are willing to sacrifice in the name of gaining exposure and prey on those things to get us to buy their products with their amazing words and promise of making our money back on our small investment.

What is this really saying about us? I say us because we are all in the same position. It says that we know the results we want but not really sure on how to get it. We know enough to get our selves into spending hours of our time to figure out even if in the end it does not work out. Worse yet, we will keep trying until we get it right. Now, I hope I got you thinking because what is next may be one of the biggest time savers I can ever offer you. We know that in order to get results on the world wide web you need to be found in the search engines and not just any but the top search engines. When I say the "top search engines" what comes to mind? I bet we all have at least 1 of 2 that flashed to our heads instantly (Google & Yahoo). Yes there are others, but we know enough about this to understand that those 2 for sure we must climb to the top on. We also know that we need quality content which usually begins our search for an SEO Content Service.

Here is a small list to help you quickly weed through all the hype and promises of making tons of money:

1. No SEO Content Service can guarantee any position with any keyword, because only the Search Engines really know how they work and they know they change all the time which in return changes results.

2. Search for a service online and look for those sites that are getting natural results. What I mean is, make sure they are found on the first and second pages and not in the paid advertisement areas. Why choose a company that is not getting results in a manner that they are now offering you as a service? Because it means that possibly they can't!

3. Read the content of the website you are researching carefully and decide if it makes sense or not. This is important because some services know how to fill up a site with keywords but when you get to reading it, it is not clear what they are writing about. Example here is you do a search find a site on the first page of Google, you think "alright, I found a company that can do what they say" but then you read through the content and you are totally lost now and not sure what they are offering. Do you want to loose business because people are unclear about what you offer?

4. Start a dialog with the company you found and see if they are responsive to you. Look for things like a way to contact them online and on the phone. I am sure you don't want to sign up for a service, pay them and now you are waiting for your services to be taken care of and now you are wasting more time.

5. Watch out for mass marketing emails and phone calls of people trying to sell you their services and saying all the right words. Yes, look at 1 -4 here and make sure you can apply these tips.

6. Watch out for companies who look you into long term contracts! These "seo experts" will convince you that you need to be on a program for a long time to get results. While this may be true, that doesn't mean if for some reason you need to stop because after 6 months you are not seeing any results that you must stay with them. A true SEO Company will not need to lock you into a long term contract because if they provide the services they claim there should be no worries then.

7. Understand most of all that there are no instant results in SEO services. To get natural results this does take time. Know also that when using SEO Content Services this is to help build your sites reputation to the search engines as a trusted source and a site that delivers what the searchers are looking for.

To sum this up, choose based on real results not empty promises. Many SEO services or even tools have no real effect without quality SEO content. Filling your site up with a ton of keywords but not focused on giving people facts about your company and services is only going to hurt you. Pick the SEO Content Service that can provide you with your needs.

The Big Seminar - Internet Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing Seminars are getting very popular these days. One such is the Big Seminar hosted by Armand Morin. Armand is well known online as an Internet Marketing guru and he is also an excellent seminar promoter as well. The first Big Seminar for 2007 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on April 27th through April 29th. These Seminars are held twice per year and have become quite well known by the Internet community.

The benefits of putting on such a big seminar creates a huge excitement and anticipation of being able to listen to a group of presenters who have claimed to make millions online and want to show you their methods and tips of becoming a successful Internet Marketer yourself. Of course, in the process, they will be devoting some of their time trying to sell you some of the products that are marketed online. The key is to get as much information as they will divulge to you in their 90-minute presentation and take lots of notes during their speech. Another benefit of attending these seminars is the incredible networking power available in the room filled with people who have similar goals and aspirations as you do and also who want to achieve the success that these gurus have already attained.

I have already made up my mind not to purchase any more products from anyone until I have some degree of success for myself from the products that I have already purchased. If you go to the seminar with this in mind and the fact that you definitely will meet a lot of great people that you can form joint venture partnerships with, you will be safe from turning out your check book to someone who has already made millions.

The Big seminars are targeted not only on ideas and ways to make money, but also on the opportunity to meet with the speakers in a private VIP dinner held for those who want to rub shoulders with these professed millionaires. You will get the chance to ask questions and hear the answers to questions that others ask.

Attending big seminars is instrumental in helping you to advance your online business or get ideas that will challenge you and motivate you to create your own online success. You can also use this forum to create mastermind or mentoring groups.

To get the most out of a seminar like the Big Seminar or any seminar for that matter is to open yourself to conversation and communicating with new people. Take a look at who is most popular or an avid talker and gravitate towards that person or persons. Make sure you listen in on the conversations. Don't be quick to speak unless you are adding something useful to the conversation. Don't boast about what you have done, but instead listen very attentively and take mental notes. If you can sit closer to that person throughout the remaining days of the seminar, be sure to do so. You are not going to steal someone else's seat, but arrive early the next day and reserve your spot beside the person or as close as you can get. Let your ears become antennas to everything they have to say. Exchange business cards with as many people as you can. If you don't have a business card, walk with a notebook, but a business card is very important to take with you to any seminar or conference.

Post your seminar experience on your blog when you get back home. It will add some kind of credibility to you as an attendee to such a big seminar. Send email follow-ups to the people that you meet and let them know how much you enjoyed meeting them. Exchange thoughts and ideas of what you learned at the seminar. You may have missed something that they grasped.

The most important thing to do when you return home is to gather your notes and organize them according to priority of things you will get done. A lot of times, I have been to seminars and I am so hyped up and excited, but when I get back home to reality, I lose focus. I would even suggest organizing your notes before you get home; possibly in your hotel room because home is where reality hits and the distractions of life can help you to lose your excitement quite easily.

Use your organized notes to start applying the tips that you learned at the Big Seminar on Internet Marketing. The relationships that you have formed and the enormous amount of knowledge that you can learn at a Big Seminar like Armand Morin is well worth your time and finances.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Web Design -- Write A Press Release To Increase Your Web Site Traffic

A press release (PR) is one one the many tools available to you to draw more visitors to your web site.

Granted, it is not a direct method since when someone comes across your press release and clicks on it she is taken not to your own web site but to the PR site where the release is listed. However since the release also has your links and web address, the interested reader can still find and visit your web site.

With enough interesting press releases on the web containing your keywords, you can rest assured that surfers will eventually hit your release within the first page of search results.

Basic steps of writing a press release are:

1) Write a snappy header that includes your keyword(s). The closer to the beginning of the header the keywords are,

2) Optional: you can follow this with a Subheader which is again stuffed with keywords.

3) Next comes the "For More Information" block. Here provide the names, address, phone, web site address, e-mail address, etc. of the person that you want your readers to contact in case they'd like to learn more about you, your company, or your message.

4) Start your release with a date line, which is basically the City from which the release is issued, and the date.

5) Follow the date line immediately with the body of your PR. The first sentence and the first paragraph of the PR are the most important since they must include your keyword(s) to turn up in Google searches.

6) Including all the interesting facts and quotes and make it short. Usually 3 or 4 paragraphs is enough for a press release. Do not write a novel :-) People are busy and have no patience for long winding PR pieces.

7) Finish it again with the "For More Information" block. It never hurts to make sure people know exactly where to go to to see your web site. Or you can switch this with an "ABOUT XYZ COMPANY" block as well. It makes sense to end your press release with some general background information on the company (or person, or product) about which you have penned your release.