Thursday, March 15, 2007

Virtual Internet Affiliate Tips and Tricks

The question Most people ask when they first start internet marketing is. Where does most of your business growth comes from?

The Answer to that question is from JV Partners and affiliates

But first of all let me say that no matter how strong your own program is, there is no program on the Internet strong enough to survive on its own. Every Internet Marketeer will still need help from time to time, and the first and strongest form of help is from your Joint venture partners who will form the backbone of any network,

The Affiliates are the second strongest source of help you will get. Most Internet Marketing Companies owe a great deal to these guys because they generally pull in a fair proportion of business on a regular basis.

So where do they come from ?

The No1 source is from right within your own network itself. It sometimes seems that so many of the members in most programs really appreciate just being members so they just want to get right in there and tell everyone they know about it. So most program owners attitude to that is, whilst they were going to tell others about your program anyway they may as well make some money in the process, right! So they will, or should, make it easy for them to become Affiliates, and some of those early Affiliates then move right on up and become JV Partners in the system too

So are there any other sources of JV Partners and Affiliates that you can use?

Well, you can find affiliates from the many forums on the Internet. Forums are the most time consuming, but they can be one of the best sources of good Affiliates because the guys in there are always looking for good deals and new products to promote so they have to be active themselves. Roughly speaking most of these affiliates will manage their own mail lists and have a very hands on approach to the whole thing, and as most of them know their down line members and mail list members on a personal basis you should try to do as much as you can to help them with tools and gizmo's to get their own shows in your Affiliate network on the road too.

What I am saying is that you help them and then they help you in return ?

The Third Place to find affiliates is from specialist JV sites. The results some of these guys bring in can be amazing....

Some of the Guys in these JV Networks account for Millions of dollars worth of business each year.

For example, if you bought into Mike Filsaime Butterfly Marketing system some time ago you would have found many of the Big guys also hang around in his Forums. Mike is just about the Number One Marketing Guy right Now, and it has made him a millionaire. As Part of the Butterfly set up you would also have automatically become a member of his inner circle so you could also work one on one with these people too. Mike also runs a couple of other systems and one of them is called JV Network.

Entry into the JV Network is By Invitation Only. No one can become a member without a private invitation to the site from an existing member. If you Mosey on over to the JV Network Site you may be able get in as they sometimes open the doors for short periods of time, so you may be able to Join from there.

So what do you do to help your Affiliates Once you have found a source?

Well the answer is that you make them an agent or a distributor for your products.

Good Affiliates all seem to enjoy doing it too, they can bring in some real cool business on a regular basis. Its a win win situation for everyone. the product owner wins because they get tons of new clients into the system, and usually the JV's and Affiliates also get to share the names and e-mails of their referrals from their Affiliates Back Office in the systems. And then when people upgrade or buy any of other products from the site owners system they also get paid commissions on those too..

So as you can see, recruiting and nurturing your JV Partners and Affiliates is definitely a win win situation for everyone, and if you are into Internet Marketing at all, then you should be looking to create your own products and building your Affiliate army to help you along your Pathway to wealth creation.

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