Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Article Writing - Great Tips On How To Write An Article Part 2

Welcome back to great tips on how to write an article. We'll cover a few more things I feel are pertinent for successful article writing that I have discovered.

1) Learn To Write A Good Catchy Title

The first thing you need to do is do a keyword search by using http://inventory.overture.com . Your keywords should have been searched at least a thousand times in the preceding month. You can multiply this number by five to come up with the total interest for this keyword among all the major search engines. Try to use your keywords in the title and at least once in the article body. Remember a search engine spider reads from left to right just like we do so don't waste your first four words. Notice above how I phrased this article title and guess what my keywords are.

2) Get Yourself Some Good Article Submission Software

This can be done by punching into Google " free article submission software " or anything along those lines. Some of them you can try out for free for a time. They will range in price from $15 to $300 depending on what you can afford. The one I use cost 37 bucks and is more than sufficient. You'll be able to submit your articles to hundreds of sites a day this way. Manual submission is cumbersome and you'll love how quick this makes things. You will still have to go through each article site and punch in a category for your article but it sure beats copying and pasting everything. Hits to your site will sky rocket.

3) Always Write Your Articles in Notepad and Then Copy and Paste

When I first started I had a lot of declined articles because I didn't understand what hard line breaks were. What this means is when you create your articles you need to use notepad and don't stop in the middle of a sentence unless it is a new paragraph. When you copy and paste from notepad click on format at the top and change the word word wrap function which will stretch out your article horizontally. If you do this you will avoid getting declined with your articles.

4) Try To Make Your Article Easy to Read

Notice how I have spaced this out by using subheadings and paragraphs. This is because it draws the reader along and they don't get tired looking at how much they might have to read. In this present day we don't want to spend a lot of time on anything and the faster we can get the point the better. When I first started writing articles I think my articles were too long. Now I try to keep them shorter and more intense.

So there you have few more good tips on how to write an article. Stay tuned for more on this in coming articles.

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