Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Increase On Line Traffic Using A Secret Method

It's easy to put together a website about your chosen topic or business, but another thing to get targeted visitors. I can verify this myself, after trying numerous so called ways to drive traffic to my websites, I figured there must be some easier way. Well, there is no straight easy way, only a smart way. You see what I am about to reveal to you takes some work, but, and this is the big but, it is smart – it works and works well.

So please pay careful attention to what you are about to read, its not rocket science, just plain common sense.

First, you need to ensure your website has all of its pages indexed, preferably in Google and that all of the pages are not in the supplementary index. The supplementary index is like a secondary index that Google puts pages it thinks contains duplicate content. This is a slow painful death to your site as none of the supplementary pages will show in Google searches. The only exception to this is when your search on Google returns so few results that Google will then use results from the supplementary index.

How do you know if your site is in the supplementary index?

Do a site search on Google. For example if your site is increase on line traffic then you would type site:www.1stmarketingtraffic.com into the Google search box. This will return all of the pages of your site indexed by Google. If you see the words supplementary in green after any page, this means that page is in the supplementary index, and you need to get it out of there, as it can slowly pull down all your other pages.

So how do you get your site out of the supplementary index?

Well you rewrite your page so that it has unique content, ensuring you also have more than just a few sentences on the page. The rule of thumb is you need at least as many words as you would find on your navigation bar including footers and headers. If your navigation bar, footers and headers are 300 words in total, you will need at least 300 words of original content on that page.

Next step is to search for forums on your topic. Do a search on Google using the keywords 'forum+topic', where topic is the topic your site is about. For example if your site is about targeted traffic, you would search for 'forums+targeted traffic'. You would then visit these forums and become a member. Once a member you would create a signature that contained a short call to action to go to your web site with your url. Then you would simply ask questions and also answer any posts you felt capable of answering, of course with your signature at the end of the post. It's a little work, but does produce good results.

Next step is to submit your site to as many free and paid directories as you can. Do a search on Google for directories and then submit your site to those that are relevant. You will need to have prepared some titles, and some descriptions beforehand. These titles and descriptions are what you will use for your directory submission. Make sure that your titles are researched well. Use keywords in your titles that people will search for within Google.

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