Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How To Use The New Social Bookmarking Revolution

Every new internet innovation, from newsgroups and email to banner ads and popup ads, have allowed smart marketers to make a lot of money, and in most cases that money was made to those who were able to recognize a new trend early on and find ways to use that innovation to their advantage. One of the newest and most potentially valuable trends in the world of the internet is that of social bookmarking, and those who are able to understand and use this trend should be able to profit from it handsomely.

Social networking is an incredibly useful phenomenon, and one of those things that people will wonder how they ever did without. Every internet user, of course, is familiar with the concept of bookmarks, but for many years those bookmarks were confined to a single PC. Anyone who has ever logged on to the internet from a PC at a friend's house, or at school, or at the library, knows how frustrating it can be not to have those bookmarks at hand.

It was out of this frustration that the social bookmarking web sites were born, and these sites are fast becoming the preferred way for internet users of all ages and abilities to search for the information they need. After all, why spend hours searching for the best job related, entertainment related or other links when thousands of internet users have already found and identified their favorite sites. These social bookmarking sites are able to tap the power of the community to provide truly relevant and useful information on virtually any subject.

The key to making all his work is tagging, and tagging is done each time a new entry is created. That entry is marked, or tagged, with a specific word, or a specific phrase, and subsequent users can then search for and find that link via the tag supplied. Best of all, most sites allow users to assign many different tags to the same content making searching and categorization that much easier.

By tagging their own sites and urging other users to mark those sites as bookmarks, smart internet marketers are able to take advantage of this new trend to provide unparalleled exposure and publicity for their sites and their online businesses. These types of social bookmarking web sites have a number of important advantages, and savvy internet marketers should be sure to check them out and see what they have to offer.

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