Friday, March 16, 2007

Effective Use of Computer Training Videos

The use of videos in training has opened up new possibilities in almost every area that uses training in any way. The use of visual images and the ability to display charts and illustrations is extremely effective. This is true in computer training. Computer training videos come as close as possible to recreating an actual classroom environment. In some ways, the use of videos can surpass a classroom. It is only the direct response to a confused student that can be provided by a live instructor that surpasses the video presentation.

Computer based training, or CBT, is another use of the video. A video presentation can be used on a computer. This enables an employee that works with a computer at his job station to actually use his computer as the monitor for the training video. All evidence that has been collected supports the value of CBT. It has been shown that as little as three hours of CBT has led to as much as a 19% increase in productivity. There has been a demonstrated increase in employee skills and efficiency after exposure to even the most minimal video based training.

When you use Computer training videos for the IT training, it is important to make a proper selection of your video material. There are thousands of Computer training videos available on the market. They cover every area that could be imagined. This makes it possible to match the videos used in an organization's training program to the type of work done within the organization. Videos that spend excessive amounts of time covering material that is not necessary will alienate the students and waste precious training time. The person responsible for coordinating the training should review the videos to insure they are appropriate to the training needs.

Once the proper videos have been selected and the training schedule has been established, it is important to treat training with a sense of priority and purpose. If the employees or students perceive that training is not considered that important within the organization, they will not give it the attention necessary to achieve first rate results. On the other hand, when training is treated as a valuable and necessary part of the overall mission statement of the organization, this attitude will be reflected in the attitude of the students. Computer training videos that are of high quality and appropriate to the organization's goals can help show that training is being taken seriously.

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