Friday, March 30, 2007

How To Fix A Slow Computer - Simple Tips And Tricks

There are few things in life that are as frustrating as when your computer is grinding along at the speed of a snail. Just a few short years ago we didn't really have this problem, which was before the computer really came into existence in most homes. The problem of slow running computers is not a frustration that most of us have to deal with ever day. Think about when you call someone about some business dealings on the phone, how many times have they told you to wait because their computer is running slow? Here are the most common reasons why your computer is running slowly and how to fix them.

1. Spyware Troubles - These little invasive programs are such a problem that a new word needed to be added to the dictionary when they came into existence. It doesn't matter if you call them spyware or scumware or just a plain ole' pain in the butt, these programs spring popups into your face, slow your computer to a crawl, and cause you to bang your head on the desk repeatedly. Fortunately there are a lot of programs out there for you to download that will help you to remove this scourge from your computer, and keep it at bay.

2. Too Much Running at One Time - Sometimes you shoot yourself in the foot, so to speak. If your system tray (the area near the clock on your computer) is so packed with icons that it looks like Grand Central Station at quitting time then you may be running too many programs at one time. Try right clicking on some of those icons to see what they are and if it's possible that you could live without them.

Keeping your computer clean is pretty much a full time job if you try to do it yourself. Search and find some great software that will clean your computer and help keep it running smoothly, and that means that there is one less thing in life to frustrate you.

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