Monday, March 26, 2007

Moving Business Locations And IT Considerations

Most businesses at some point will move to a new location. Whether it is because they've outgrown their current space or for leasing purposes. It is a very stressful time and the one thing that always gets overlooked is their business network. The assumption is that the computers will get moved and once plugged in everything will work as it did before. But that very rarely happens.

With a new location comes a new Internet provider, new IP addresses, wiring setup and the addition of more computers. This article is geared towards businesses moving to a newly constructed space. Part of any successful move is creating a check list of everything that needs to get done. Somewhere in the top 10 of that list should be consulting with your current IT company or hiring one to help in that transition.

Businesses consult with the construction company on the layout of the new space. Where are the offices going to be placed, how big the offices are going to be and so on. And on some occasions the business will tell them that they want to space to be wired with Cat 5 cabling for either phone or data or both. The construction company will say yes, for a price of course, and it is usually left at that.

More emphasis needs to be placed on the wiring layout of the office. A utility room needs to be designated for a central place for all the wiring. This is the room where all the networking equipment will be installed. Networking equipment such as modems, routers and switches. There is an option of installing the server(s) in this room, but that is not a necessity.

In order to ensure a smooth transition and save money, your IT company should be kept in the loop throughout the construction process. If the steps are followed when moving day arrives it should consist of installing the networking equipment, computers and making some minor network adjustments.

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