Saturday, March 31, 2007

12 Essential Security Tools for Your Computer

Unprotected computer or computer without any security tool is always vulnerable to cyber criminals, hackers, spammers and identity thieves. So, to avoid such security problems and identity theft, you should always have security software with some essential features such as firewall, antivirus etc.

The following 12 essential security tools can help you to protect your identity, personal information and data on your computer, so that you can surf the internet without any fear of identity theft, hacking, viruses, spywares etc.

Firewall is essential to block the unauthorized access to your computer data. It monitors the inbound and outbound traffic from your computer to the internet and blocks any suspicious traffic. Network and program firewall is required to block the doubtful traffic and operating system firewall is necessary to protect your operating system and your data.

1. Network and program firewall:

Network and program firewall protects your network and computer from suspicious traffic and shield your programs from malware. For high level of security, it should be a Multi-layer firewall or with multiple layers of security.

2. Operating system firewall:

Some internet security software also provides operating system firewall to protect your operating system. This security tool blocks any malicious software from causing damage to files in your core windows operating system. It also blocks entry of hard to remove spyware with kernel-level threats to computer to protect your operating system from any damage.

3. Full Stealth Mode:

Full Stealth Mode is required to make you invisible to hackers, even when you are connected to net, so that you can access the internet without any fear of getting hacked.

4. Antivirus:

Antivirus is necessary to protect your computer from damages by viruses, worms and trojans. Viruses and worms spread from one computer to another either through e-mails or from files downloaded from internet. Viruses and worms can destroy your files and erase data on your computer. So, to protect your data and your hard disk, you should always have updated antivirus program with the latest definition files.

5. Antispyware:

Antispyware protects your computer from spywares and intruders to protect your personal information. Spywares get installed on your computer without your consent or knowledge and take control of your computer, gather your personal data, information, web activities and web sites you visit and transmit that data to others.

6. Complete Spy Site Blocking:

Spyware distribution websites are the major source for spywares. Security software with complete spy site blocking feature can block these websites and also blocks you from visiting these sites by accident.

7. Identity theft protection:

Nowadays, identity theft is a major problem on internet. With increase in e-commerce, online buying and credit card usage on internet, protection against identity theft is crucial to protect your identity and personal information on your computer. So, identity theft protection is a must security tool while accessing the internet.

8. Real time updates:

Your computer should have latest updates or real time updates against viruses, spywares and any new possible attacks.

9. Anti Spam, Anti Phishing, Email protection:

Phishing mail is a scam, which looks like a correspondence from a bank or institution to gather your personal information or bank details. Anti spam, anti phishing and email protection is necessary to protect you from phishing e-mails and e-mail fraud.

10. Instant messaging protection:

Hackers, spammers, spywares and viruses can attack your instant messaging session. IM messaging protection protects your instant messaging session from these attacks. You can also use this tool to restrict your kid to use instant messengers only with trusted people.

11. Parental control:

This feature is necessary to prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate websites and objectionable content on web sites.

12. Credit Card Monitoring alerts:

Some internet security software also provide credit card monitoring alerts which alert you if your credit card number appears online. This tool is very useful if you use your credit card on internet for transactions.

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Andy, ITGuy said...

Pretty good start but you need to give details on what some of this is and how to use it. A good example is "Full Stealth Mode". How do you achieve this? Is there a program that does this for you or is it something that you need to do. Unless your readers are very computer savvy then they won't have any idea how to do much of what you suggest.

Yvon Brousseau said...

To add on your point 11, ‘’Parent Control’’, I press on

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I strongly believe that Internet is this ‘’today’’ part of new technologies and like any powerful tool of nature, has to be managed and accessed properly to get real benefits out of it.

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