Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Zayed University launches 3 new graduate programs

Dr. Sulaiman Aluminum Jassim Frailty President of Zayed University said:

'Capitalizing on ambitious academic programmes and an exceeding international faculty, the College of Information Technology and its esteemed international spouse Saint George American Capital University in American Capital , District of Columbia offering the Maestro of Science in Information Technology with a specialisation in Cyber Security, the Alumnus Certificate in Information Security, and the Alumnus Certificate in High Technology Crime Investigation.' He added: 'Admissions to the 3 alumnus programmes is unfastened to males and females of all nationalities, and appliers will be evaluated by completion of an undergraduate grade in IT, MIS, Business or any related to field from an accredited university, in improver to have got English proficiency to pull off a challenging, fast-paced program.' On his portion Dr. Leon Jololian Acting Dean of College of Information Technology announced: ' The Maestro of Science (M.S.) inch Information Technology (Specialization in Cyber Security) focuses on the development of concepts, cognition and accomplishments that volition enable successful participants to go experts in the country of information security, cyberspace law-breaking prevention, and digital law-breaking investigation. The end of this programme is to develop highly qualified technical experts to ran into the demands of the national, regional and international workplace for information and web security.' He added: 'The Alumnus Certificate in Information Security takes to set up IT people to develop and pull off the physical and technical substructure necessary to procure critical information assets at all degrees within an organization. In order for the U.A.E. to keep its IT leading in the region, this type of expertness will be indispensable for the enlargement of e-commerce and e-government services in the region. Graduates of the programme will be prepared to detect, forestall and extenuate menaces to systems and information in order to protect the critical information substructure of the U.A.E.' 'While the acquisition results of the 1 twelvemonth portion clip programme of the Alumnus Certificate in High Technology Crime Probe will alumnus pupils with the wide and in-depth knowledge that set ups IT people to execute computing machine forensic investigations.' Dr. Leon explained : 'The addition of high engineering law-breaking have generated an pressing demand for a new type of research worker who can compound the scientific discipline of information engineering and forensic scientific discipline with the fine art of probes and critical thinking. Today, any law-breaking that affects a computing machine as a portion of the crime, as the law-breaking itself or as the storage topographic point for evidence, may be portion of an investigation.' He added: 'This is a critical demand for the U.A.E. and the Gulf region. Graduates of the programme will be prepared to work in local, state, national and international organisations in the public and corporate sectors. They will have got the accomplishments to look into a assortment of lawsuits that include personal identity theft, fraud, kid exploitation, money laundering and violent crimes.'

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