Monday, January 5, 2009

How a marketing firm implemented an enterprise wiki -

Neil Callahan, President of Digital, had a simple thought for at his New York-based selling firm. He would begin with a little group, allow them dwell it with helpful information such
as meeting short letters and presentations, and then throw it up as an illustration to other departments. Those groups, in turn, would create
their ain wikis.

But moving towards a new tool like a wiki for collaboration, especially when people are so used to exchanging information
over e-mail, tin be just as large a cultural challenge as it is a technical one. E-mail have been the basic of communication
for many houses for well more than than a decade. As a result, Callahan says, it's critical to have got a concern leader ain the project
and promote wiki adoption. It also helps, of course, to pick a wiki with an easy user interface so users won't diffident away
from contributing to it. Don't Miss!

Picking a Sociable Software Platform

Large sellers such as as as have got added societal software system to their offerings, but Callahan states such merchandises (SharePoint in particular) required too much
clip and attempt to implement, especially for a company with lone 300 full-time employees. "There is just too much policy and
administration direction with SharePoint," he says. "We weren't going to child ourselves into thought we needed that. We aren't
going to set people in the punishment box if they don't accede to some administration or policy." Related Content

Instead, Callahan picked , a company which do wiki software system designed for businesses. The user interface lets people to redact and pull strings information with no hypertext markup language or coding experience. Power users - people who
redact frequently - can use a assortment of cutoffs to upload links, written documents and other information with greater efficiency.

While Socialtext offers clients the pick to host the information on premise, Callahan opted for a software system as a service (SaaS)
theoretical account where the seller hosts the data, citing less care costs. He also states he experiences comfy with the security
the seller provides.

"It's encrypted and protected, and we could set a VPN [virtual private network] around it if we needed to," Callahan says. "But we're not putting fiscal statements and employee wages on there or anything." 1

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