Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Don't Get Penalized by Google - Change Your Article Copy

If you're an Internet marketer, you're probably already aware of the fantastic impact selling articles can have got on your website traffic.

When your article is published by article directories, you have valuable backlinks to your land site that addition your Google page rank. It would look logical to submit one article, with indistinguishable content, to many articles directories in order to bring forth a big figure of backlinks. In the past, that made sense.

Now, however, Google will punish you if your article content is exactly the same by filtering out the extras and leaving you with lone 1 backlink. In some cases, they will actually filter out your original article as well as the duplicates. All your difficult work will travel down the drain. If you recently submitted the same article to a 100s of article directories, you probably noticed that Google listed 100s of your linked pages right away, but deleted most of them within a few days.

The lone manner to avoid the Google reduplicate content punishment is to do important alterations to your article for each article directory. You should definitely change the statute title and the first and last paragraphs of the article. Brand certain you change at least thirty percentage of your article, but you'll be safer if you change 70 percent. If you submit an article through an automatic entry service, be aware that the service will submit your article to 100s of article directories, and Google will punish you for reduplicate content. That's just a fact.

Unfortunately automatic entry services don't state you that you will incur this penalty. They take you to believe that you volition have 100s of backlinks that will rise your page rank.

The most effectual manner to acquire the best consequences is to submit different versions of your article to three article directories with page ranks of at least five (PR 5). It will take some work to revize your article, but it will pay big dividends.

Submitting utile and enlightening articles to directories is a great manner to derive valuable traffic from hunt engines. Follow my tips, and you're sure to increase your backlinks and page ranking.

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