Friday, September 28, 2007

Microsoft Woes

I wouldn't desire to be Steve Balmer, and not just because he is a bad professional dancer (see YouTube picture Nc4MzqBFxZE).

The Windows substructure is showing more than marks of fatigue than a Minneapolis bridge. Though far from being at a critical failure point, the accumulative failings are not being corrected, and the decay looks to be getting progressively worse. Steve, seek imbibing for breakfast. It will assist with the hurting and tone of voice down your presentations.

Most interesting is that as an architecture, is Windows is losing developers. The good and careful folks at Herbert Mclean Evans Data polled developers again this twelvemonth and discovered that the figure of programmers targeting the Windows platform is down 12%, A driblet steeper than even Balmer's yearly fillip will be. Not surprisingly the share of Linux developers rose just slightly less than the same 12% inch the same year. Though Linux have only 1/2 of the developer alkali that Windows has, the shifting littoral can be calculated without an Excel spreadsheet.

Little wonderment that a Microsoft interpreter was unavailable for comment. Maybe Balmer have got something he can yell.

Part of the ground developers are shifting from Windows to Linux is because their corporate Masters have made the bid determination to travel Open and travel Linux. Part of the ground is that the cost nest egg from Linux are mensurable and real. Novel gave one example. Granted, they have got a vested political involvement in deploying Linux everywhere, but they also saved nearly a million vaulting horses a twelvemonth by doing so, or more than than 1% of their EBITDA. That's not chump change, and Windows clients everywhere are saving money in the waiter racks as well.

The concluding mark of Window's diminution may well be that Microsoft is no longer in control of Windows' destiny. Microsoft have fought difficult not to be victimized via virtualization, going as far as assuring that XP or View will not virtualize under Linux. The marketplace did what the marketplace always does, and establish a manner around the job via either a purchased option (VMWare) or the oilskin attack of inserting a hypervisor (Xen) under both Windows and Linux. With these solutions, Windows no longer commands the box, and once that degree of control vanishes, so makes marketplace laterality through the ability to lock-in the customer.

Steve, I highly urge Jack Daniels with you morning time OJ. The headaches will soon fade.

Microsoft is being nibbled to decease by a flock of Open Beginning ducks. Their F.U.D. on Open Beginning nest egg is no longer believed, their developer alkali is eroding, and their control of the information centre is sunk. Microsoft will survive, and so might Steve Balmer... if he maintains his blood pressure level under control.

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