Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Basics of Posting Ads


The greatest myth I hear is that you necessitate a alone statute title for every ad. This is absolutely not true. A common order for me from a client is 100 advertisements per day. I utilize about 3 different statute titles rotated evenly for these 100 advertisements without problem. There are some words that are filtered by chlorine and your advertisement may not demo up if you utilize one of these in your title. Just prove a few statute titles until you happen a some that you like.


You can add a few Numbers at the end of the statute title if you desire it to be alone from the others. It's not of high importance, but this simple technique can make every statute title alone if you really desire them to be different.

Ad Content

For your advertisement content, you can either take to do a image advertisement or a textual matter ad. Either 1 is perfectly fine, it just depends on what you prefer and a batch of it will depend on the type of advertisement that you are posting. Let's talking about image advertisements first.

If you don't cognize how to make this, it is very simple. You can utilize something as simple as paint, and just infix a textual matter box and type your advertisement out how you desire it to appear. Then, you just salvage it as a picture. It can be simple achromatic textual matter with a achromatic background, and once it is on CL, you can hardly even state it is a picture. It just looks like a normal ad. The chlorine spiders can't pick up certain words in your picture, because obviously there is no textual matter there, just a picture. Now, here is another myth that I have got heard consecutive from the oral cavity of one of the top experts out there, as well as many others. chlorine have banned photobucket pictures. This is absolutely not true. You can still post with photobucket as your mental image host. I posted over 1000 advertisements a twenty-four hours for a long time, and all of my advertisements showed up good with all my images hosted on photobucket. Once you have got developed your picture, you just necessitate to upload it to photobucket. Upload it more than than once so that you have got multiple golf course to use. The criterion regulation that I utilize is uploading 20 images for every 100 stations per day. So if you post 100 ads, you would utilize each image nexus 5 times. chlorine makes prohibition your individual image nexus if it is used too much. The good thing about this is that you can just upload new images and be good to travel again. Just do certain you have got fresh image golf course regularly.

Text advertisements are a batch more ego explanatory. You just type in the textual matter of your advertisement and it's that easy. There are some words or phrases that I believe will not go through a filter that chlorine has. I'm not certain exactly what words or phrases are blocked, but I'm sure that you can prove and happen these if they're in your ad. Things like work at place or place concern chance are probably premier campaigners for this type of thing. Brand certain you maintain your advertisement very generic and maintain these sorts of phrases out of there, because even if they make go through the filter, these types of things could acquire your advertisement flagged quicker.

Now, here is a very of import part. Every advertisement organic structure on chlorine makes have got to be somewhat unique. If you have got a different image nexus for every ad, then that is fine. You can maintain the same name on each image you upload, and photobucket can do them all unique. However, if you just set the nexus in the advertisement body, opportunities are that chlorine will detect it and cancel your advertisement faster. It is good to include a clump of unseeable or seeable random textual matter in the advertisement that associates to the class you post in. The best thing to make is expression at person in that class that have a batch of advertisements up. Highlight there full advertisement or position their source, and usually you will happen a clump of unseeable text. You can just copy their unseeable textual matter and set it directly into your advertisement also. This just fells the nexus a small better in a sea of text.

You can make this 1 of two ways. You can either do the textual matter unseeable by adding the necessary hypertext markup language to do so, or you can set a batch of page interruptions (
in html) in there to make your other textual matter manner down the page. Most of the time, the individual screening your advertisement is not going to coil manner down a page. They will just read your advertizement at the top and either enactment upon your advertisement or move on. Put like 30 page interruptions in there and no 1 will ever see the random textual matter at the bottom. If you were posting an advertisement about an electronic store, you might set some of the followers words as textual matter at the underside of your ad.

"Sony Plasma TV's Playstation 3 games JVC Blender's DVD Players 360 Games Computers Compressors Telephones Monitors Wii Games Refridgerators Playstation 3 Ipods Xbox Games liquid crystal display TV's Nintendo Wii DVD Recorders TV's Espresso Makers Nintendo DS

Home Appliances Xbox PS3 Games Playstation Nintendo Microwaves Electronic Games Power Tools Stand Up Arcade Games Computer Hardware Computer Hardware Playstation 3 Portable Electronics Computer Software TV's Xbox. Nintendo Wii Coffee Makers Xbox Games PS3 Games Telephones Monitors Microwaves 360 Games HD DVD's Ipods Blender's Playstation DVD Players Stand Up Arcade Games Home Appliances Power Tools DVD Recorders Computers"

You would just take about 10 or 15 of these words and premix them up in a different order for every ad. That manner you always have got words that associate to your class and ad, but the advertisement is never the same.

The most of import thing is just making certain that each advertisement organic structure is somewhat alone and have some random textual matter related to your category. Brand certain you acquire new images every twenty-four hours or two. You can never have got too many image golf course to use.

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