Monday, March 9, 2009

How to Avoid Missed Online Book Marketing Opportunities

Book writers are always looking for ways to advance their books - often without disbursement any money to make so. Why, then, make so many book writers lose out on free online book selling opportunities?

Here are four missed book selling chances - and what can be done in order not to lose out:

Missed chance #1:

A book on blogging come ups out, and in the resource subdivision respective other blogging books are recommended. One of the writers whose book is recommended discoveries out by accident about this new book because no 1 - not the publishing house or the publisher's promotion section or the writer or the author's publicizer - have notified the writers of the books recommended.

For the publishing house and writer of the blogging book, this is like leaving money on the table. It should have got got been someone's selling duty to have contacted every writer whose book is recommended. The contact electronic mail should 1) inform the writer that her/his book is suggested and 2) propose that the writer see blogging about, linking to, or recommending the new blogging book.

And why would the recommended writers state yes to this electronic mail request? Because having your blogging book recommended in person else's book about blogging is a rather big postage of approval. By putting in the attempt to assist advance this new book, the other writers are actually getting the benefit of providing pollexes up for their ain books.

Missed chance #2:

A blogger stations a reappraisal of your book on his/her blog, and remarks are enabled on the blog. Your Google alarms choices up the reappraisal even though the blogger didn't advise you about the review. You travel to the blog, read the review, and then leave.

This reappraisal is free selling for you. Increase the value of the selling by leaving a remark thanking the blogger for reviewing your book. And state something in the remark that shows you appreciate this specific review. (Even if the reappraisal isn't great, seek to happen something positive to state about the chance to have got your book featured on the blog.)

And travel back the adjacent twenty-four hours to see if other remarks were left. Then add a 2nd remark thanking by name the people who have got left comments. Mention to something each 1 said. Here's an illustration of what you can go forth in a single comment:

Sally, I'm glad you liked the manner the supporter got out of her major dilemma. It took me respective hebdomads to come up up with that solution.

John, I see that venues are of import to you as background for a book. I did travel to San Francisco to check up on that I had my scenes correct.

Marlene, thanks for passing my book along to your sister. I trust she wishes it as much as you did.

By these remarks you have got 1) revealed interesting choice morsels about yourself (for example, you took hebdomads to work out a narrative question) and 2) encouraged possible readers to begin a human relationship with you. Acknowledging these possible readers as people intends that they are much more than likely to begin following what you are doing.

Missed chance #3:

Someone tweets that she enjoyed your book and gives the nexus to your website from which the book can be bought. You tweet back "glad you enjoyed my book" and don't include the link.

It's perfectly acceptable to include your ain nexus in this case. In fact, you are doing your following a favor. If they didn't see the original tweet and didn't cognize about your book, they might be irritated that you don't supply the information (the link) in your response tweet. By providing the link, you've made it easy for your following to check up on out your book if they desire to. (And if they don't desire to, there's no injury done. They just don't chink on the link.)

Missed chance #4:

Your place page of your website shows a big photograph of your book's screen with no content information to "hook" possible readers. Here's an example: A website announced a new book with a statute title that included the last name of a race Equus caballus proprietor and no reference of race horses. Only by clicking around on the land site did it go evident that the cat in the statute statute title had to make with a major race Equus caballus scandal.

Now although a possible reader might not acknowledge the guy's name in the book title, if there were a newspaper headline and little information that this book states the insider true narrative of the biggest race Equus caballus dirt of the century (the "hook"), the possible reader might be interested in purchasing the book even though she/he didn't acknowledge the guy's name. (Who isn't interested in reading about large-scale scandals? It's human nature.)

When planning a book writer website, it's important to see what elements the possible reader necessitates to see immediately and easily in order to see purchasing the book. This is usually clear information on what the narrative is about and what is the "hook." (Besides having a big bargain THIS book button next to the image of the book's cover.)

In conclusion, book writers have got to be on the qui vive for every legitimate publicity chance that come ups their way. And one of the best ways to acquire book publicity is to publicly state give thanks you to the people who have got promoted your book. That's only good manners.

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