Sunday, August 12, 2007

Authors and Small Business Owners - Three Tips for Marketing on MySpace

If you're an writer or a little concern owner, you'll desire to make a page at to web with other authors, publishers, editors, other little concern owners, and prospective clients and customers. Here are three full general tips for creating a page for professional networking:

1. Avoid overloading your land site with too many sound and picture files. When you upload respective picture and audio data files to your page, it takes so long to lade that many people won't trouble oneself to lodge around until your page have fulled loaded. Also, sometimes all these data files will make visitants to acquire bumped off your page before it ever fully loads, and you sure don't desire that.

2. Visit your page often. Each clip you see your land land site your page allows people cognize the last clip you logged on to your site. Visitors are less likely to read the information on your page, or direct you a friend request, if they detect you haven't logged on in respective hebdomads or months.

3. Once you've made friends on, you have got the option each twenty-four hours of sending bulletins to everyone on your friends' list. These bulletins are a great manner to acquire the word out about your up-to-the-minute book, product, or other offering. But don't overdo it on the day-to-day bulletins and pig the full bulletin board. People who are on your friends' listing won't even detect or read your bulletins if you post something every one-half hr (and some people make this, believe it or not). Also, avoid typing the newspaper headlines for your bulletins all in caps. This is considered shouting at the reader, and no 1 desires to be screamed at.

Follow these three simple tips and bask making A large portion of your selling and networking plan.

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