Thursday, August 9, 2007

More of Steve Weber's Best Internet Marketing Tips

Here is portion two of my best Internet selling tips!

16. Never succumb to the impulse to just copy and paste content into your page from another site. Even if the other land site gives you permission, it simply is not good practice. I cognize some land sites rank well with copied content, but all things being equal the land site with copied content will generally rank lower.

17. Be certain to make your land site with a alkali templet (which you create). Dreamweaver manages this procedure very well. For example: As you make more than than and more pages, what about the pilotage for each page? Volition you have got to travel into each and every single page and add golf course to the each and every new page you create? This is simply not practical. With a Dreamweaver template, you begin every page with the same alkali templet which have the navigation. When you add more than golf course to the template's navigation, it automatically updates every other page you created with that template. This is the lone manner to travel for beginning web entrepreneurs. Later on you may larn PHP or asp which manages this type of process, but for now a templet is the manner to go.

18. Speaking of templates. NEVER usage the built-in templates of Microsoft's FrontPage. These make extremely distended code! Bash not utilize them. FrontPage templets are NOT what I am talking about when I state you to plan your page with a alkali template!

19. Meta tags used to be very important. But now years Google and Yokel don't utilize them for rankings because they were abused by spammers for so long. Meta tags won't assist you, but they can injury you if used wrong! NEVER set the same meta tag table of contents into each page. The meta tag verbal descriptions and keywords MUST be alone to each page! If the page is only about domestic dog training, don't utilize a meta keyword for true cat diseases.

20. Be certain to utilize your keyword phrase as the statute title of the page. It is best to only have got the keyword phrase in the statute title and nil else. One exclusion to this is if the page is selling a product. In this lawsuit it works very well to set the terms right after the keyword. An illustration might be "Small Dog Collars - $4.99". The statute title is what demoes up in bold in the hunt engine results. If you are selling something, you desire to pull people interested in making a purchase. Having the terms show up in the statute title will allow possible visitants cognize that they can purchase little domestic dog neckbands from your page. Buyers are more than likely to chink on those golf course with terms in the title.

21. Google sees hidden textual matter "cheating". You must not have got textual matter on the page of the same colour as the page's background. In fact, even if it is close, Google can ban your page! Never believe you can outsmart Google! Never.

22. Even though most hosting companies supply some type of land site statistics for page views, referrers, etc., Google Analytics supplies the very best free solution. You will be amazed at the information Google Analytics will supply about the visitants to your site. Be certain to analyze this information for hints on how you can increase traffic. For example, you may see that a certain hunt term you hadn't thought about is bringing people to your site. At that point you could optimize more than pages for the keyword and acquire more of a share of those searches.

23. Forget flash or fancy books on your site. Cactus Canyon is made with lone text, tabular arrays and images; and it have 3 or 4 twelve pages showing up on Google's first pages for assorted hunt terms. Although I now make new pages with CSS because they are easier in the long run, (and hunt engines like their clean codification too!) there is no ground your simple hypertext markup language land site can't make very well in the hunt engines! Remember, it is the content which Google is looking at – not how great your designing accomplishments are. Which would you rather have? A pretty, eye-catching land site which do its manner to page 22 in a Google search, or a simple "homemade" looking site on page 1 of the hunt results? Get my point?

24. ALWAYS travel somewhere else and expression at your land site on another computer! There are ways to acquire faked out if you make and position your land site on the same computer! It is best if you can actually make this, but if you have got to you can telephone a friend to take a expression at it for you. But you MUST position it on a different computer. Otherwise you can stop up making some very awkward mistakes.

25. Your pilotage construction is crucial. When a hunt engine visits a page on your site, your pilotage construction should do it easy for the hunt engine spider to voyage and index all the other pages of your site. It is best to have got the pilotage golf course at the top or the left side of your pages.

26. If possible, your linking construction should be composed of textual matter golf course and NOT images. The difference is that the ground tackle textual matter of the nexus will give your linked page more relevance. In other words, a nexus to a page about domestic domestic domestic domestic dog neckbands with a textual matter link, "dog collars", will intend more than for a hunt engine than if you have got a image of a dog neckband linking to your dog neckband page. AVOID any type of "fly out" pilotage system. Some of those books are not hunt engine friendly. Stick to the basics; simple textual matter golf course are the best. If you desire to get dressed up the golf course a little, it is possible to utilize CSS to make rollover personal effects without sacrificing hunt engine optimization. There are plenty of aid pages on the web which will demo how you how to configure a CSS data file for this purpose.

27. Google and other hunt engines like land sites that alteration often. This makes not intend to travel in and totally revamp your place page every month. Simply travel in and add a new paragraph (short ones) here and there and some more than golf course to other pages you create. The hunt engines make not like land sites they comprehend as "stale".

28. Before person will purchase something on your site, they must swear you. There are two ways to construct trust with your site's visitors. One is to have got a very professional looking site. It will be very hard for the new land land site proprietor to construct a "very professional" looking site. One could pay three or four thousand dollars for land site designed by a professional web designer, but we don't desire to put much money because we don't necessitate to in order to be successful. The other method of edifice trust is to do the land site more personal. If the possible clients can associate to you, if they experience they kind of cognize you, if you have got some images of yourself on the site, or images of your dogs, or talking about your place town, or…and the listing travels on. But my point is is that your land site can be relatively apparent looking and still be VERY successful so long as people trust it. Just look at for a perfect illustration of this.

29. That beingness said, it doesn't intend you should travel out of your manner to do your land site expression cheap or cheesy. You probably don't desire to utilize animated .gif images. In most lawsuits these cheapen the expression of the site. Don't seek to utilize background mental images or colours for the background. White Person is always the safest color. Just take a expression at all the major sites; they utilize achromatic backgrounds. Bash not seek to reinvent the wheel!

30. There are plenty of land sites on the web merchandising terrific looking templets which you can modify for your site. However, unless you cognize web designing VERY well and can significantly modify the codification before you acquire started, don't utilize them. Not only makes Google see reduplicate content as bad, they also can see if the basic construction of the page utilizes reduplicate code. You MUST alteration the codification of these templets significantly! It often is simply not deserving the work and is easier to begin from scratch.

31. bash NOT pass hours and hours and hours trying to perfect your site. Instead, pass most of those hours reading about and practicing Internet Selling and authorship more contented pages.

32. NEVER pass more than that $3.95 per calendar month for hosting your first site! If you have got respective land land sites you wish to host, GoDaddy have a gilded program which lets you to host an limitless figure of sites for just $6.95 per month!

33. Bash NOT wage for a robust shopping cart system right off for your new site. Even if you hosting company offerings a free shopping cart scripts, I still propose going with PayPal's free shopping cart until you are getting 3 or 4 orders per day. The ground for this is that the PayPal shopping cart is not only free, but it is extremely simple. The acquisition curved shape for other shopping carts is quite high. You necessitate to pass your clip selling your land land site early on instead of learning a shopping cart system which is not going to acquire much usage if you don't pass clip on selling and drive traffic to your site!

34. You MUST take recognition card game on your site. And I highly propose you take PayPal too. Like it or hatred it, a batch of people utilize PayPal. Over 15% of our gross sales at Cactus Canyon come up from clients using PayPal. In most lawsuits you will have got got to have a merchandiser business relationship from your depository financial institution in order to accept recognition cards. There is usually a monthly fee of about twenty dollars for this asset the dealing fees. However, the free PayPal shopping cart lets you to take all major recognition card game without having to put in your ain merchandiser account. Although there are still dealing fees with each purchase (with a similar per centum as a merchandiser business relationship charges), PayPal makes not have got a monthly lower limit or any type of monthly complaint at all. You only pay the per dealing fee.

35. Telephone orders are a job for the little Internet business. You really necessitate to be able to take telephone orders. Some people decline to utilize their recognition card on the web. Of course of study almost all Internet concerns utilize an online merchandiser business relationship proof system. When a client phone calls in an order, the web concern will simply input signal the information online into the same shopping cart the client could have got used. It would be much safer for the client not to give their recognition card information to a unrecorded individual and anticipate them to scintilla the paper they wrote it on. That beingness said, here is how we manage telephone calls: We pay $6.95 per calendar month for an 800 figure service supplier and then 25 cents per minute for its use. We have got the figure sent to a recording where we inquire the company to go forth a message so we can go back their call. The message they go forth is then forwarded to our electronic mail inbox where we can check up on it there and then go back the call. This plant pretty well since we don't have got a dedicated individual by the telephone all the time.

Good fortune to you and be watching for Part III!

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