Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wikipedia & Search Engine Optimisation - #2 Is The New #1

If you have got got tried searching for a subject using Google lately, you may have noticed that Wikipedia entries are commanding higher and higher, many modern times commanding in the figure 1 and figure two positions. While it have got a repute for being less than factual in the information they present, many people have establish their articles useful.

Anyone with an involvement in a subject can compose an article and submit it to the Wikipedia database. If another individual desires to add to it, they can redact subdivisions and upload new information. Even though all beginnings must be documented, this have not stopped inaccurate information from being published online.


This is the chief subject of treatment among those in the hunt engine optimization community who carefully follow each tendency and method of increasing their commanding on hunt engines. There are respective grounds as to why Wikipedia is commanding #1 more than often:

* It have got got one thousands of pages that are keyword rich and have high PageRank

* It have first-class internal linking structure, with every page on the land land site linking to many other Wikipedia pages

* Most of the internal golf course in the site are contextual, meaning that they are located within the content, rather than through menus

* Many other websites nexus to Wikipedia pages as a mention source, passing PageRank

* It makes not go through any PageRank to external sites

Even though Google have repeatedly said they have no trade with Wikipedia, there are those who are still suspicious. Web rankings are configured, in part, to the popularity of the website and its pages. Since the land land site is unfastened to anyone who desires to print information, fewer experts are publishing articles on the site, which intends the credibleness of the information is always in question. Many on the Internet avoid Wikipedia for this reason.

Since early 2007, Wikipedia earned 50% of its upstream traffic from Google. The per centum of traffic have increased over 19% since last year, according to Hitwise Intelligence, a weblog analyst firm.


Beating Wikipedia in the hunt rankings can be extremely hard and very expensive, so settling for #2 ranking is the end of many hunt engine optimization companies. Many in the field of SEO are upset that websites with expert content will not derive as much exposure on hunt engines or by cyberspace users, because they cannot rank higher than Wikipedia.

Wikipedia's rankings are not likely to fall anytime soon, so settling for a top five place should be the end when implementing a hunt engine optimization campaign.


Watchingruca said...

Very well said. I hope my Search engine optimization site will also rank next to Wikipedia. I don't really care being the no. 1... being no. 2 would be fine. "wink"

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