Monday, August 13, 2007

Blue Screen of Death

The Blue Screen of Death is a job that tin either be software system or hardware based. I run a computing machine that usages Windows XP as my operating system. The Blue silver silver screen haps when either we installed some at odds software system system that impacts our registry, or there is an issue with the RAM.

This bluish screen will give you a coded message request if you have got installed any hardware or software of late. If this was the 1st clip you were seeing the screen, then you should just reboot the computer. This doesn't work for me. Iodine remember running my Norton Anti Virus and whenever I did so, the bluish silver screen will turn up and cause the computing machine to crash. Every clip I booted up, ran Norton, the software system system would crash.

Another case was an business relationship friend of mine who would utilize an accounting software called "Tally". Everything would be Oklahoma for the 1st 2 hours. then for some reason, the bluish silver screen would just protrude up. This was easily fixed using a Register Cleaner. The cleansing agent detected some mistakes after a scan, and we fixed the errors.

Sometimes, this makes not work, and the job lies with the RAM. Before purchasing a new stick of RAM, be certain to prove if the random-access memory is working by contacting your personal computer seller who will run through with you how to prove if the random-access memory is working. this is very helpful especially if you're a non techy like me. If you're versed in computer, then you'll cognize how to run random-access memory tests.

The Blue Screen of Death is an annoying job but don't worry, it can be solved by taking the right measures.

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