Friday, October 3, 2008

Google's Latest App Connects PCs To TVs - InformationWeek

Google have released an application that enables a personal computer to demo pictures and photographs and drama music on a digital television.

The tin link a personal computer to any device that supports Universal Joint Plug and Play, or UPnP, a set of web communications protocols that enable devices to share information across a place network.

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The Media Server, which only works on Windows machines, necessitates the user put in Desktop applications on the PC. The usages the engineering for its disposal tool and purchases Desktop to turn up mass media data files on the personal computer and on the Web, where the most popular land site is Google-owned YouTube.

"Google Media Waiter is a Windows application that purposes to the spread between Google and your TV," the said on the company blog.

Examples of UPnP devices that could pass on with the Google software system include the video-game comforts PlayStation 3 from Sony and Xbox 360 from Microsoft, as well as Hewlett-Packard's MediaSmart high-definition televisions.

In releasing the software, Google moves closer to an country of the place amusement marketplace desired by Microsoft and Apple. Both companies have got software system within their several for connecting a Windows View personal computer and Mac, respectively, to a TV.

Microsoft for quite a piece have offered Windows software system that bends a personal computer into a set-top box for delivering scheduling and recording video. Apple is connecting the Macintosh or personal computer with the place television through its Apple television hardware. Analysts anticipate place networking, which is the ability for multiple devices in the place to share content, to be a moneymaking marketplace in the future.

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