Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Google Phone Users to Draw Shape on Screen to Unlock Device

Owners of the new Google-powered mobile telephone will be able to unlock the French telephone by drawing a secret form on the screen, just one characteristic revealed during a mouse prevue in Golden State on Thursday.

In improver to the "signature unlocking" tool, a built-in compass lets users orientate maps in scouting out eating houses or locales and a customizable homepage allows for bookmarking.

The device, which is unlocked by drawing a form only the proprietor cognizes on a nine-square grid, also will include a magnifying tool to zoom along in on Web content on the little screen, as well as a mobile version of "Pac Man."

Demonstrating the device at a developers' conference in San Francisco, Andy Rubin, who heads the undertaking at Google, declined to give a release day of the month but said the first telephones powered by Google's Android operating system will look in the 2nd one-half of the year.

Samsung, HTC, LG Electronics, and Motorola are among the companies that have got said they will bring forth telephones that tally on Android.

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