Friday, October 3, 2008

Lab cooks up hi-tech fashion firm - BBC News

A publicly-backed research laboratory programs to establish a spin-off company specialising in incorporating engineering into clothing and accessories.

Distance Lab in Forres, Moray, have seed support from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).

The company, called Lost Values, would develop thoughts such as as sunshades and fans fitted with solar panels.

Charged by sunshine during the day, the accoutrements would supply ambient visible light in suite at night.

Distance Lab, which is hosting a public unfastened twenty-four hours later, have also put ends to spread out staff Numbers and beef up golf course with concern spouses this year.

The institute - based in the Horizon Scotland edifice in Forres' Enterprise Park - is also developing a combat game called Distant Impact and a toy, SeamuSays, on which parents could enter voice messages to their children.

Launched a twelvemonth and one-half ago, Distance Lab is emerging as an illustration of how new engineerings are being increasingly used and developed in the Highlands and Islands.

Elena Corchero with some of her work, including fan and parasol

Chief executive director Stefan Agamanolis and senior research associate Elena Corchero told the BBC Scotland news website the spin-off venture would concentrate on merchandises mixing engineering and fashion.

Ms Corchero, a mulct creative person trained in fabric technologies, have already developed a scope called Solar Vintage.

She said: "The sunshade and fan are antique accoutrements and expression like something used in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

"Tied into them are renewable energies.

"They have got solar panels which could be charged up during a field day and when people acquire place the fan could be set on the tabular array and the sunshade hanged upside down like a pendant to bring forth ambient light."

Ms Corchero said circuitry on the devices were designed to look embellished and her hope was to acquire more than women interested in scientific discipline and technology.

Meanwhile, Distance Lab also means to use for a patent of invention on elements of its life-size combat game, Distant Impact.

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Distance Lab head shows the combat game

Players can punch, boot and throw themselves at a silhouette of an opposition projected on to a mattress.

Competitors could be in the same edifice or on the other side of the world.

It have been exhibited at events in Firenze and London.

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