Monday, December 8, 2008

Google launches Kenya online map -

Ten calendar months after gap its regional business office in Nairobi, Google have launched Kenya’s online map, signaling an improvement
in local content coevals and innovation.

The map was developed by a squad of seven pupils from three Kenyan universities together with a squad from India. Replacing
a previously limited online map of four highways, the move have now placed Republic Of Kenya on the degree of other states served by
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With a fiber-optic cable being laid by 2009, it is expected that the cost of Internet entree and communicating will significantly
diminish while connexion velocities increase, and people will be able to entree Google applications even more than quickly, said Joe
Mucheru, Google Pb in East Africa.

The online maps will eventually be available via mobile telephone and can be loaded easily on computing machines with low Internet speeds.The
maps will back up other Google applications, such as as Google Search, and concerns will be able to listing their contact information
and ways on the map. Related Content

Mucheru said the maps are extremely dynamical and called them a great jumping-off point for the content development strategy
that the authorities is adopting.

In the past year, Republic Of Kenya have been preoccupied with policy issues, cables, bandwidth and cost of services. The focusing is now
shifting from supply to the demand side.

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