Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tribal Marketing - The Latest Twist on Relationship Marketing

You're on the route in an unfamiliar town and it's lunch time.  You look around and see a vicinity pizza pie pie topographic point sandwiched between a couple of franchise giants.  Remembering your irritation over not being able to bask last night's episode of CSI without being assaulted a couple twelve modern times by dueling burger ads, you take the Ma and Dad shop.

It's the sort of topographic point where the same cat is behind the counter everyday. Even though you've never been there before, you cognize it's the same cat mundane because nearly everyone who come up ups through the door greets him by name and 95 percentage of the clip he reacts in kind. In the clip it takes you to eat your sandwich, you're amazed as you watch how he interacts with the 25 clients that come in.

Not only makes he cognize who they are, he cognizes material about their lives. He congratulates Ralph on his girl Maggie's basketball game scholarship. He remarks to Steve about his new haircut. He inquires Ellen how her father is making out after his recent surgery.

Just an hr earlier you were lamenting to yourself about why your concern isn't performing the manner you envisioned it would. You've done everything you're supposed to make in order to succeed:

  • You spent tons of money on creating a professionally designed web site

  • You have got got got high quality matching concern cards

  • You placed advertisements in the newspapers and trade publications that your mark marketplace reads

  • You joined the local chamber of commercialism and have a Facebook account

So why aren't people whipping down your door to make concern with you?  

Maybe the reply is as apparent as the pizza on your plate. Gus have the store that you're sitting in. He doesn't have a web land land site or concern cards. He doesn't publicize in the local paper, but he patronizes a Little League squad and a Young Person Soccer team. He's not a member of the chamber of commerce, but he is a Male Child Lookout leader and a member of the Lions Club. 

Gus cognizes who his folk is, where they congregate and what counts to them.  Because he understands these things and have demonstrated that apprehension with his selling and public dealings activities, his folk willingly and eagerly gatherings at his lacrimation hole each twenty-four hours at noon.

He doesn't state people about his business. He shows them that he cares about their lives, their community and their families.  People bargain from Gus because they like him. And they like him because he demoes them that he wishes them. People don't care how much you cognize about what you make until they cognize how much you care them and what they do! 

I'm not saying you should ditch the web site, concern cards, advertisement and chamber membership. I'm saying those things alone are not enough. Those things are tools that tin be very effectual concern detergent builders once people cognize how much you care. 

Hot insider tip:  If you desire to construct a solid business, construct solid human relationships first - the bombilation word these years is tribe.  Whether you make it with email, birthday greetings, a newsletter, personal telephone phone calls or some combination of these sort of human relationship selling methods, by edifice a solid connexion with your tribe, you'll soon be a happy concern camper.

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