Friday, December 5, 2008

Google Upgrades Toolkit To Boost Web Computing

At the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco this week, the hunt giant announced a new version of its Web development kit and opened up its hosted Google App Engine to more than developers.

Web applications written with Google Web Toolkit 1.5, which now back ups Java 5, will run 1.2 to two modern times faster, said David Bruce Johnson, Google's technology manager. The toolkit is a measure toward making the Web -- not Windows, Macintosh or Linux -- the computer science layer that developers are concerned with.

"There's no inquiry any more than whether you're going to aim the browser or a desktop app," Samuel Johnson said. "For almost any new exciting app, you're going to aim the browser."

Microsoft's 'Market to Lose'

For a certain social class of programs, Samuel Johnson said, the Web is "already better than what you can make on the desktop." He added: "For extremely low-latency applications, like picture editing, I believe we're calm a couple old age out."

Such statements are nil less than a shot across Microsoft's bowknot -- and while establishing the Web as a rival to Windows is still an acclivitous battle, Google should not be underestimated here, said Rob Enderle, principal analyst with the Enderle Group.

"There is small uncertainty the browser is the best common denominator for new applications," Enderle said, "but the job is that most people don't have got web connexions that are fast adequate to dwell on it." That sort of connectivity likely won't come up for a decade, which gives Microsoft a ample window of clip to struggle back, he added.

"This is still Microsoft's marketplace to lose, but to beat out Google they have got got to take and not follow to this new capableness -- and they have lost focusing on their core defences to this attack: Windows, Office and IE," Enderle said. "Google can't do this without Microsoft's aid because people just don't change very quickly, and Google doesn't yet have got the developer support to make this a reality."

But Google is leading the manner -- and Microsoft is "bleeding developers," Enderle said. "So, yes, they can make this, but Microsoft is still in a place to barricade if they can carry quickly enough. IBM in the '90s against Microsoft was a lesson in what not to do."

Navigating Browser Incompatibility

Google Web Toolkit assists developers quickly make Web applications by serving as a interlingual rendition device between Java codification and the JavaScript linguistic communication built into browsers. Why not compose directly in JavaScript? One of the greatest jobs with Web development have been the multiplicity of ways in which popular browsers implement Web criteria like Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript. Earlier versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, especially, implemented the criteria poorly, but Apple's Campaign also featured odd implementations.

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