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South Africa: Campaign Management Key to Mobile Marketing -

Eddie GroenewaldCape Town

Mobile selling necessitates careful up-front planning and political campaign direction to guarantee the best possible experience for customers.

The years of crafting a message and hitting the direct button to the alkali of client cellphones are over. Companies necessitate to believe about what they desire to say, how they are going to state it, when the political campaign will revolve out and managing the response from customers.

The procedure gets with identifying what necessitates to be communicated and the best manner to acquire the message across. This includes deciding which mobile engineering to utilize (eg SMS, MMS, mobisite) and whether the mobile selling political political political political political campaign will be integrated with other word forms of selling such as as television adverts.

Careful consideration

Should there be a phone name to action, careful consideration necessitates to be given to when the message is communicated, how it will be received and managing the response from customers.

For example, if a company directs out big scale of measurement millimeters campaign to its alkali request them to phone phone call the company's call Centre as portion of a promotion, then sending out the millimeters on a Friday afternoon would not ensue in a high consumption on the campaign.

The campaign therefore necessitates to travel out after 8am early in the hebdomad (so people are not bothered before they get work) and the campaign necessitates to be monitored to see how many people have got downloaded the millimeters and read it.

The amount of millimeters sent out should be monitored in line with the company's call Centre capacity. If the phone phone phone phone call volume to the call Centre gets to spike, then the figure of millimeters being sent out tin be scaled back until call Centre volumes driblet to fall more than in line with acceptable call Centre capacity. Once the phone phone call Centre have stabilised, then more than millimeters tin be sent out with the sending charge per unit being dynamically matched to the call centre's capacity.


If the political campaign affects an samariums response to a short code, then these can be monitored to see who reacts via SMS. A message can then be sent back to them acknowledging their response.

If the political political campaign do the alkali aware of the company's mobisite, then the figure of people visiting the mobisite as a consequence can be monitored, as well as identifying which pages or content on the mobisite are most popular.

At the end of the campaign, a full study can be issued showing how many millimeters were sent out, how many people called the phone call centre, how many people SMSed the short codification and how many people visited the mobisite.

Much better understanding

From there the company is able to have got a much better apprehension of how the alkali responded, how many people unsubscribed, what messaging worked, which response method was most popular and so on.

Relevant Links

This information can then be used in subsequent political political campaigns to polish the scheme to maximise the impact of future campaigns.

Whatever engineering or scheme is used, the most of import thing is the user experience. If people have got an unpleasant experience, then they are far less likely to react to future political campaigns from the company.

Eddie Groenewald is the chief executive officer of mobile selling company Multimedia Solutions ( He have 18 old age experience in the telecoms industry, of which more than than a decennary have been in the mobile sector. He is responsible for drive multimedia system solutions concern scheme both locally and internationally.

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