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Closing The Digital Divide With Desktop Search

Closing the Digital Divide by dumbing down computer science with Desktop Search. It's not just people in the 3rd human race that are on the incorrect side of this divide.

Finally a ground for those who have got never owned a computer, because of the learning
curve, to buy one. It's now worthwhile to acquire that Camcorder or Digital Camera. This app do it all so simple. Use computing machines knowing next-to-nothing and Flourish! Learn a few of the basic bids and be well on your manner to managing, playing,
viewing and excavation those of import computing machine files.

Is Desktop Search THE Killer App?

You wager it is. If it covers with: (Video) (Music) (Pictures) and (Text) like this
1 does. Use it to organize: your favourite cyberspace (web land site URL's) or previous
(search textual matter entries).....

Check out the Search treatment at (96,000+ views)



My Computer system.

1 Laptop with cyberspace connection.

1 External 120GB stand-in disc drive

1 External DVD/CD burner/player.

1 Mini DVD Camcorder (Hitachi 350a 10 Ten Zoom, 4 old age old)

1 Digital Camera (Kodak DX3700, 4+ old age old)

NO Printer
NO Scanner

That and One Killer App called: Desktop Search, is all I'll ever need.


My stand-in procedure:

I just do a transcript of my personal folder, onto my external stand-in drive
a retarding force and driblet is all it takes. I like having adequate video, images and
music on my computing machine as possible. Maybe up to 40GB of my 80GB drive. Right
now I have got (15GB) of information to endorse up. Takes about 1/2 hr to make a copy
of that.

I do DVD stands-in of my new picture data files as they near the 4.7GB DVD size. So all my Video, Music, movies and other information will have got a DVD or cadmium stand-in copy. The textual matter related information acquires backed up as needed. My textual matter stands-in take adjacent to
no clip as the data files are a fraction the size of videos.

I have got got transcripts of any software system that I like in a "other_software" booklet not
much there, but convenient to have a transcript on my external disc drive.


Reinstalling the Operating System:

If I necessitate to reload my Operating System because of Virus or some such,
all that is needed is my os Install discs and the external disc thrust to
reconstruct my most current backup. Again very simple and not mistake prone. A few silver screen gaining controls of assorted cyberspace scenes and other reload screens
of importance, make it relatively painless to do.

**23Jul07** os reload done. My information reloaded. Internet connexion reloaded. the few other programmes can wait. This do me very computing machine & os free /
independent. I can easily travel to that nice glistening Laptop or to that 1st computer.

See some treatment of ReInstalling the os at:


How I utilize my computer: (With Desktop Search)

-As A textual matter notepad.

-As A research tool.

-Doing silver silver silver screen gaining controls and textual matter catches of interesting points on the net.

Then utilize the search, as a screen rescuer of these jpgs, every once and a while.

-I usage 5000+ household record record album pictures, as my screen saver.

Scanning in the sum household album took a couple months. Some of the oldies are

60 to 70 old age old. This was probably the most utile undertaking undertaken so far.

All the household members have got a copy. Old picture formattings are next!

-I exportation all my electronic mails to text, to do them mine forever. I don't panic

if I have got to change computers. All my electronic mail information is easily searchable.

-I catalogue many Web land site URL's, from topics of interest. The hunt topographic points the

URL information into the clipboard, when a lucifer is found. I just paste that into the

browser. I often run this hunt in random mode. It never acquires deadening that way.

-I save Net Search (Google) queries, that I may desire to happen again later?

-I don't utilize my Digital Camera as much as I should because I have got got Video.

There are many people that don't have high velocity internet. So make movies for them.

-As my Digital picture repository

-I even video network silver screens in, if the forum station have many many pages.Video in

your favourite book! This programme can begin and halt anywhere in my picture files,

by designing or randomly. The Slow movement show option is great for sporting replays.


Other personal computer software system I use:



Internet Browser & Email


What information formattings I curtail myself to:

.txt (Text)

.mpg2 (video)

.jpg (Picture)

.bmp (Picture)

.mp3 (Music)

And one or two more.

Others may desire more. Many more. And that's OK. For me, I'd maintain two maybe
3 transcripts of those odd ball files. One would be a silver screen gaining control of it saved
to JPG (it may take multiples) A 2nd would be a textual matter gaining control of any textual matter
and Numbers saved to a .txt file. A 3rd may be a silver screen gaining control of the
logic behind an stand out spreadsheet calculation. The final, would be a transcript of
the odd ball formatting itself. These textual matter and silver silver screen gaining controls are far less space
than video, so I don't worry about the storage it takes.

With the textual matter and screen gaining control info, you have got everything you necessitate from those other
information formats, far more than searchable anywhere and not nearly as prostrate to information loss.


What desktop hunt open ups up:

This system can run multiple transcripts of itself. Ie tally 2 picture clips
side by side and in sync with this capability.

Computing is all about: (extract) (sort) and (report). This app is a very
good EXTRACT. Novice computer programmers can do utile add-ons that make this
desktop hunt even better. The possibilities are boundless.

NO database, NO SQL required. (just not needed)

The programme can be used to voyage through preparation videos. A sample or
two, would have got users well on their manner to exciting preparation possibilities.

I maintain my picture sections to between 1 and 2 minutes. They upload to the
nett without any redaction when they are little and my programme can play one
after the other anyway. The programme can begin drama near the end of a small
picture much quicker than One that is 30 proceedings long. To make separate records
just necessitates a OFF then ON, on the record button.

With Desktop Search You pass very small clip computering; more than clip creating,
exploring, playing and learning.



Rejoice, simple computer science with all the goodies, is now here for everyone.

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