Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ecommerce Posting Solution for Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics GP

If you are eCommerce developer, you probably deploy Great Plains eConnect to incorporate your constituted ecommerce web land site with general practitioner ERP back office. eConnect is great tool, it lets you to make or update client records, including addresses, make gross sales order or bill in Gross Sales Order Processing (SOP) module. eConnect concern logic is realized as a set of stored processes behind the scenes, these processes are encrypted, so you can not directly modify them. You may soon recognize that eConnect lets you to make so-called work transactions, but it doesn't have got posting capabilities. Posting is left to general practitioner operators, who supposed to verify gross sales bill first and then post it in the batch. It is often the lawsuit in eCommerce, that you desire posting to be done automatic in GP, initiated by your e-commerce application logic. In order to widen eConnect with autoposting, you necessitate Alba Spectrum Posting Server:

• Native Microsoft Dexterity posting engine. If you are or would be the old-good-days Microsoft Dexterity developer, you would cognize that you can name Dexterity processes and functions, especially if you reexamine Great Plains Dexterity SDK and analyse DYNAMIC.DIC with beginning codification (not available to general development pool). Posting Waiter phone calls this dex logic and have got Dexterity station "approved" by posting waiter batches

• Approved Batches Table. Yes, you necessitate to put the record for the "approved" batch into this usage tabular array and posting waiter will originate posting from there. It check ups on tabular array position every few seconds, so posting is happening in existent time

• Batches Types. When we are talking about ecommerce programming, then more than likely it is sop module: SOP10100 and SOP10200 tables, where sop bill heading and lines are stored and where eConnect topographic points the work records. However posting waiter is not limited to sop only. It works with all known general practitioner faculties (you may anticipate issues with so-called satellites or 3rd political party modules, such as as Mekorma, Wennsoft, etc.)

• SQL Waiter Shop Procs alternative. This option attack may look consecutive forward, however general practitioner posting minutes flowing is complex and it includes multiple scenarios: different point types, different terms levels, batch or series figure tracking, sophisticated stock list allotment procedure to call a few complications and trying to deter you to plunge into stored processes coding

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