Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Traffic Tips - Three Reasons Why I Love Google Analytics

If you are not using Google Analytics, I have got one inquiry for you? Why not? For any aspirant webmaster, Google's free traffic monitoring and analysis service is an amazing tool that have now go my first port of phone call every day. Google Analytics maintains my finger on the pulsation of my website, by trailing visitors, page views, referral beginnings and transitions all in one single interface.

OK, maybe you didn't cognize it existed. Well you will happen it at Oregon if you already have got a Google Adwords account, take a expression at the checks at the top of your silver screen and you'll see that you can access Analytics there too. Go take a expression and acquire yourself a free account.

Setting it up is pretty easy. There are two spots of codification which Analytics will bring forth automatically for you. One is the tracker code, which simply necessitates to be copied and pasted to the pages of your website. Some webmasters only put the codification on their chief pages, but I'd urge putting it on every single page – that manner your stats will be much more than in depth.

The other codification is for Conversion tracking, which I'll cover in a minute.

So now you have got it set up, allow me state you the three ground why I absolutely love Analytics.

Reason #1 – it's incredibly comprehensive. Analytics will state you how many visitants came to your site, how long they stayed, what pages they looked at, which land land site they came from, what sort of browser they had, what state they dwell in and whether they have got been before.

It will state you which keywords, political campaigns and advertisement versions brought them here. It will state you how long they stayed on each page, which page they looked at before and which one they went to next. It will state you which page they came in on and which one they left from. You can look at the land site as a whole, or each individual page and you can analyse whole calendar months or just a single day.

In fact, at modern times there is almost too much data, so I be given to concentrate on my cardinal metrics. Number of alone visitors, top pages and most importantly the traffic source. For illustration I cognize exactly how many visitants are brought in by my pay-per-click political campaign and how many come up from my article authorship efforts. Now that's incredibly powerful because article authorship costs me nothing, so if I can increase that then I do more than profit.

Reason #2 – Conversion tracking. The 2nd piece of codification that Analytics will bring forth is a transition tracker. This is copied and pasted to whichever page or pages in your land site mean value that you have got a made a sale. I utilize it for my newsletter sign-ups, by putting the codification on the Thank you page.

Any visitants who do it that far then demo up in a separate column in my Analytics stats and I can traverse mention them against the other factors.

For example, I cognize that visitants who happen my land site in a criterion web hunt and chink on the link, are almost twice as likely to subscribe up for the newsletter as those who come up from an Adwords ad. So, you can see why free traffic is so valuable. Not only makes it be nil but it is better quality too.

Reason #3 – Finally, Analytics it lets me to prove everything. Having such as comprehensive information at my fingertips, intends that I can see the consequence of any alteration to my site, the very adjacent day.

If I change my place page, I can soon see the consequence on my transitions and ticker whether visitants now voyage down a different route. I can see if they pass more, or less clip reading my new content and I can see what it do them do afterwards.

No substance what pinches I make, the consequences are rapidly available to me and if things travel incorrect and traffic or transitions fall, I can see immediately what necessitates to be done.

Back to my original question. If you're not using Google Analytics on your site. Why Not?

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