Monday, June 4, 2007

Finding Experts by Analytic Down Scrolling of Online Article Text Patterns

With all the massive content on the Internet it is very difficult to figure out which is real, which is fraudulent and what was written by someone who does not know what they are talking about. It is apparent that a software tool and a little artificial intelligence needs to be applied to this challenge. We need to find a way to find the experts on the Internet and be alleviated by those who do not know what on Earth they are talking about.

Did you know that there are patterns which form on a page of text based on the size of the words, lengths of sentences and number of spaces per line? It is true and did you know that richer writings have a different pattern than "Text Messaging" or "Forum Posts" or even fictional novels? Indeed, each writer may have their own style, but the patterns have many similarities.

I believe we need to create an algorithm which can find certain text and estimate the author's status as an expert or non-expert. Finding the Experts by use of an Analytic Tool that down scrolls the online article or page text patterns could assist search engines and research folks who need to weed thru the BS to get to what is real. Being able to find an expert is almost as important as being able to find an international terrorist motivated individual in a hay stack.

This tool will help National Security, college entrant examinations, sorting thru job applicants and greatly improve the search results on the Internet when you are trying to study something that is very important and so I leave you with this thought. Think on it.

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