Friday, June 1, 2007

Multiple Streams of Income - Is It Enough?

Regardless of where you turn online or what you read on the Internet, you'll find yourself being told that you should create multiple streams of income in order for you to be successful on the net.

Tiffany Dow reveals, in her new book entitled eBook Empire, that the whole idea behind multiple streams of income is to scare you in to investing in more Internet marketing products. They're using scarcity to make you believe that if you don't have multiple streams of income, you may not get rich enough.

The truth is, you don't need more than one source of income, as long as it's producing enough for you to reach your financial goals. The problem is, when you start dividing up your time to focus on multiple streams of income, you wind up not getting good enough at one skill to become a top producer in your niche.

Multiple streams of income means you're working harder than you have to, which conflicts with the message of "easy money" that online business opportunities deliver. Instead of halfway succeeding at a dozen different methods, wouldn't it be better if you took one idea and ran with it all the way to the top?

Not only would it deliver the same amount of money, if not more, but it would lighten your workload to focus on one money-making option rather than numerous ones. Many marketers experience burnout and quit the industry altogether because they're running in circles trying to get all of their multiple streams of income operating at once.

In order to actually find the success online that you want, you should be focusing on only one thing, like creating eBooks, and become an expert and authority in that one area. Once you're successful there and are able to manage your workload easily in this area, then you can repeat the process and try to develop multiple streams of income.

Repeating what works is the tried and true tactic all top marketers use to build seven-figure salaries. While they're preaching that you should "divide and conquer," they themselves are generating a steady income from what they know works. Creating multiple streams of income is a great long term goal but if you are just beginning Work on creating a single steady source of income and then when you are earning money almost on auto-pilot you can diverge.

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