Monday, June 4, 2007

A Repeatable Formula Is The Best-Kept Internet Marketing Secret

The title of my article is a giveaway to what I'll be revealing next, but this 'secret' is really no secret at all as all the major businesses in the world do it, but somehow Internet Marketers don't seem to have a firm grasp on it. Consider the ubiquitous Starbucks chain - you'll find them in almost every major city in the world. What are some of the keys of their success? They have a repeatable business which they can quickly setup anywhere in the world and customers can expect the same quality and products no matter where! Its as simple as that.

So how does that apply to the Internet Marketer? Imagine a scenario where you can take a new product (be it a Resell Rights or Private Label Rights product) and very quickly make a sales page, upload and promote it. Then announce it to your regular traffic channels and rake it the profits. Then imagine being able to do this repeatedly. That's where the profits lie, in launching multiple projects with your own profitable formula!

This article would not go into specifics, but I hope it'll get your creative juices flowing and you can be motivated by the concept.

Firstly you need a good research system. This subject alone warrants an article by itself and I can't cover it all here, but there are a lot of excellent websites like Wordtracker that'll help you find keywords and niches that are waiting to be mined. You research system could also include browsing forums and newsgroups where smart marketers can often spot a void waiting to be filled. For example, you could come up with a solution to a long-standing problem or even a frequently asked question. I've seen marketers come up with quick (and thin) reports that answer a nagging problem and see brisk sales at $9.99 a pop!

Second is the source of your income. After you've identified what you want to do, you'll need something to sell to that niche. This could be an affiliate product or even your self-developed one. List out your regular suppliers on an Excel spreadsheet for fast access.

Finally you need to develop a system for publishing websites that work. This can take time as you find you particular method of doing it. Make sure that you can replicate this system at will. For example, from a technical point of view, I use standard CSS templates that has all the formatting for headlines in red, sub-headers, yellow-highlighted text, etc and I can't tell you how much time that's saved me whenever I need to get a quick sales page up. I also use an immensely time consuming tool called RoboForm that saves all my passwords and form data which then allows me to promote my new site quickly.

Again, what I'm revealing here is nothing new. We all know this, but how often have we seen this as a 'franchise'? Meaning that we can easily recreate our last successful website but for a different niche? How about the ability to create multiple of these sites daily? Well you do the math and imagine if you have a well-oiled machinery like that in your hands.

What does it take? Some time to develop it of course. Write down the systems you'll need and where your strengths and weaknesses lie, then find the appropriate help in that area. Buy other ebooks to assist you, be it in the technical or marketing arena. Outsource if you must, and make that a part of your process. Your process should also have a schedule to keep you on track. Do it well and you'll be surprised at how many websites you can launch in a week!

Whatever it is, stop marketing blindly and hoping that you'll stumble on a "magic bullet". Take some time to plan and you'll find that it'll go a long way to your Internet Marketing success!

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