Thursday, June 28, 2007

PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing - Bidding Strategies (Part 2 of 2)

So, what is a good bidding strategy for PPC search engine internet marketing success? This won't cover all the things you can do, such as checking which position gives you the best conversion rate, but the following strategy will focus on the main issues.

This PPC search engine internet marketing strategy may cost you more in the beginning, but it creates a situation that gives you a dominant position and forces you to adapt and make money that much faster. So, what the strategy entails is simply reversing the bidding strategy most people start with, as described in part 1; you start by bidding high.

Make your bid and take one of the top three spots. Then, you begin to adjust your ads with different keyword use and placement for increasing your CTR. You will be able to see which keywords bring the most traffic and which ones convert better.

You should have your ads stay up for around 200-300 clicks. Then, start to slowly decrease your bids. You will notice that your CTR stays the same. At this point, wait for another 100 clicks and then drop your bid again. Your CTR may be affected somewhat, but your rank will remain strong. So, for a recap:

1. Discover which keywords bring you the most traffic

2. Figure out which keywords have the best conversion rates

3. Find out which ads have the highest CTR

4. Find out which ads are the best at converting

5. Meanwhile, you develop a good keyword history

Instead of spending months getting this information, you get it all in a few days.

Most experts will tell you to continue to drop your bids until your PPC search engine internet marketing campaign becomes profitable, but I would tell you to do the opposite. Use the increased traffic to force you to improve your website! There is nothing more motivating than losing a bunch of potential customer traffic to a poorly developed website or opt-in sales page.


Amanda said...

That was an awesome post. Thanks for the great tips and suggestions.

D. said...

Great. i especially liked the one that goes like 'don't spend less on ppc but improve your site'. If you ad an example with some numbers and some kind of budget, it will will make it even better.