Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mini-Sites - 7 Ways To Better Rankings

It is apparent that two years ago the biggest of search engines, Google, decided to penalize sites that were using mini sites primarily on a single domain name. The claim was that these mini sites only provided a benefit to the mini website owner and not the searcher whom Google and its advertisers make money from.

Google started to penalize users of Google's Pay Per Click model by skyrocketing their minimum bids higher than most would dare to move up to, thereby eliminating their campaigns. They've also tried to discourage many internet marketer's by saying that domains with only a mini site on their domain, will lose page rank and thereby sink to search engine "hell". The only real way to combat this punishment is to apply content to the existing web pages on that particular domain. I show you easily how to accomplish but remember that you want to link these sites somehow to your mini sites so that you gain needed traffic to that particular page. Here's how you can stay out of trouble and effectively raise your mini sites out of search engine hell:

1. add a blog and use it as the index page of your domain, or somewhere so that its pages are spidered by search engine bots.

2. add a content site and add it as the index page of your domain.

3. add both a content site and a blog to add more useful information so that search engine users have enough useful information to read on the topic.

4. add a niche article directory where articles whereby you would except articles on your site about you specific niche topics.

5. add an RSS feed to your mini sites, content sites and blogs so that you page looks continuously updated.

6. continuously update your website at least once or twice a week so that you provide search engine spiders to find new and fresh information to index.

7. continuously add relative back links from websites to your mini sites, content sites and blogs so that your domain grows over time. Remember, back links are playing a more important role to adding more visibility to your websites.

In conclusion, mini sites still provide a great way to generate sales, provide leads for your online businesses and add value to your websites using presell sites, but you must apply some of these important points that are covered here. Gone are the days where you can simply put up a page that is of sole benefit to you the website owner. Search engines want better content for their users simply because content and words, provide a more targeted method of applying advertisements to those users.

By adding useful information coupled with your mini sites that produce sales or opt-in leads, it generates a win-win situation for both you and the search engines.

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