Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Is A Mini Site & Why Do I Need One?

A mini site is a mini website that acts as a direct response website. Direct response websites are made to create to focus on one idea and provides the visitor to take action on that focused idea. For instance, if you are promoting a product or service and you are looking to generate some interest, a good mini site strategy to attract some leads would be to create a squeeze page.

Basically a squeeze page focuses on the benefits of your products and highlights those benefits by using bullet points or some kind of ordered list of your benefits. Once the benefits are explained, there's a subscription box so that interested parties can simply enter their email and name. This strategy alone is one of the most powerful strategies to generate leads for whatever it is that you are selling. It takes out everything that would sway your visitor away from the focus of your mini site and places the full attention to what the benefits of your product or service is and how can it solve your customers problems.

Statistically, visitors to your website will not buy anything from your website or mini site. So you need to find a way to keep in contact with the visitors that do reach your mini site by offering a free gift such as a newsletter or some kind of digital product that can be easily downloaded or delivered through email. Usually this comes in the fashion of information about your particular niche product or service, and how by buying it, it can solve their problems fast.

A squeeze page gets its name because it is meant to squeeze out the desired information from that targeted visitor, which in turn builds your list of potential buyers of your product. Unlike lead generation in the offline world, where you need to make costly postcard mail-outs or uncomfortable phone or door to door solicitations, online lead generation is much more palatable for most people. Realize that nothing moves until you make sales, and as much as people are uncomfortable with sales, if you do not have none, your business will be on the brink of failure.

Mini site squeeze pages simply act as your 24 hour lead generator, while you focus on different aspects of your business. No business whether online or offline can survive without fresh leads that are interested in their products or services.

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