Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bihar's first step in software export

In the news for many a positive change, Bihar is put to add another plume to
its cap in the word form of its first software system engineering parkland (STP). Located in
Patna, the parkland â€" 49th of its sort in the state â€" volition have
facilities to suit around 10 little and medium degree software
firms. Head curate Nitish
Kumar will inaugurate the parkland on Friday at a mathematical function which will also be
attended by Union curate of state for communicating and information technology
Shakeel Ahmed. A squad of
senior functionaries of the Software Technology Park of Republic Of India (STPI), including
director (east) Phosphorus Kelvin Hyrax and New Delhi-based senior manager Omkar Rai reached
Patna on Thursday to oversee the readyings for the
inauguration. Earlier the state
had just one regulating business office of the STPI and software system exported from Bihar were
routed through the s.t.p. located in Bhubaneswar. This did not let the state to
take recognition for its part in the software system exportations from the
country. “The parkland will
have ready-to-use-facility for houses willing to put up their units of measurement in it,”
S Kelvin Patnaik, business office incharge of Patna STP, told TOI on Thursday. He said the
park will offer installations like computers, cyberspace connexion and uninterrupted
power supply at a nominal
rate. The edifice of the park
has already been completed and further installations would be in topographic point within a
month’s time. “Though this parkland can suit only little and
medium degree software system firms, it can supply a launching pad of paper to enterprisers for
setting up bigger firms,” Patnaik
added. He hoped the parkland would
not confront much job as far as optimal use of the installations is
concerned since Bihar have as many as 11 registered software system export
firms. It was in early 1990s
that the then secretary of section of electronics, authorities of India, N
Vittal, came up with the conception of STPI with a position to promoting software
exports from the country. The Union authorities also announced major sops for
software houses willing to utilize the installations provided in the
STPs. Bihar also tried to catch
the software system publicity autobus and the then state authorities approached the Centre
for setting up an s.t.p. in the state. Vittal came to Patna in 1992 and asked the
state authorities to supply land for the
park. The state government,
however, developed cold feet after that and land could not be provided which
resulted in the transportation of the projected software system parkland from Patna to
Bhubaneswar. Things, however,
started to look up once again during the President’s regulation in the state in
2005 when a monetary fund of Rs 1 crore and a three-acre secret plan were given by the state
government for the park. The state authorities also provided space for an STPI
regulatory business business office in the BISCOMAUN edifice and BELTRON was authorised to put up
necessary substructure for efficient running play of this regulating office.

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