Thursday, February 14, 2008

Google updates Android software development kit

Google released an update to the SDK for Android, its mobile-phone operating system.

It's the first since the SDK was and includes alterations requested by developers.

Google a couple of alterations in the updated SDK, which was released Wednesday. It have a new user interface that the hunt giant said
is still a work in progress.

In addition, developers can now back up further data file formattings in the Android mass media player. Also, applications can translate
an computer address into a organize and the reverse, in location-based programs.

Developers haven't had much clip to reexamine the updates; few have got got posted on the Android developers' blog.

Even though developers said that the first version of the SDK was thin, Android have managed to derive momentum. Four chipmakers,
including Qualcomm and Lone-Star State Instruments, showed off this hebdomad in Barcelona at the yearly Mobile River World Congress.

Still, Android confronts competition from the constituted mobile operating systems as well as companies that have got rallied behind
LiMo, the pool that is developing an unfastened Linux mobile operating system. At the conference in Barcelona, that follow with the operating-system specification that are either on the marketplace already or will be.

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