Thursday, February 21, 2008

Risky Purchase Of Yahoo By Microsoft â€"Reminiscent Of AOL Time Warner Merger â€" Google Ranks Number One In Traffic

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(Best Syndication) Both Microsoft and Yahoo! have got been losing land to Google for the past few years, and even with a concerted company they will not bring forth the same Internet gross as Google. Not only makes Google supply more than than one-half of all worldwide searches, according to Website Magazine they are figure 1 website on the Internet.

Although Alexa topographic points Google in the figure four place for traffic, Website states Google ranks figure one, followed by and then Yahoo!. Alexa states that Yokel have more than traffic followed by YouTube (owned by Google) and MSN Live. Google ranks forth in the Alexa survey.

Whether Google is figure 1 for traffic or not is less of import than who do more than money. Google do more than money on the Internet than both Microsoft and Yokel combined. The operating income for Google was $5.084 billion (2007).

Yahoo only earned 695.41 million in operating income. Microsoft earned $18.524.billion in 2007, but small of that was earned from Internet advertising. Microsoft believes they necessitate Yokel to remain in the game.

Bill Bill Gates states they will go on their battle against Google even if the Yokel trade falls through. The Microsoft laminitis told C-Net “We have got a scheme for competing in the hunt space that Google predominates today, that we'll prosecute that we had before we made the Yokel offer, and that we can prosecute without that.”

Would the amalgamation aid Microsoft and Yahoo? Bash you retrieve what happened when United States Online (AOL) purchased Time Warner? At that clip AOL dominated the cyberspace subscription market. Like AOL subscribers, Yokel orbs are not guaranteed forever.

Google have been working difficult to capture viewers. Unlike Yahoo, Google offers customized homepages without advertising. Google lets bloggers to net income from their work, while Yokel topographic points their ain advertisements on the blogs. Google News have more than than beginnings and Google Alerts are becoming more popular by the day.

Not only makes Google have got got more than than advertisers, they also have more devoted web publishers. Google supplies superior publication tools including calendars and maps that tin be embedded on web pages. Compound that with superior gross generation, it is no wonderment that Google have more than publishers.

Joe Wilcox states in e-Week magazine that the Yokel command is bad news. “Microsoft volition destruct the best things about Yahoo,” Wilcox says. Wilcox concerns that Microsoft will “make over” Yahoo’s open-source technology. “There is too much product… overlap”. He also states a amalgamation will deflect Microsoft from what is already working for the company.

Microsoft have broken into marketplaces before by buying companies. But in this case, both Yokel and Microsoft are already competitory and in the same market. It is a immense hazard but it will be interesting to see how it works out.

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication News Writer

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