Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Network Marketing - 4 Things You Should Never Do For Your Network Marketing Downline

One of the greatest errors you can make in web selling is to do too much for your downline. You must larn to raise up criteria for your downline to endeavor for. When you make this you will happen that people will dwell up to the criteria you put for them.

4 Things you should never make for your downline:

  • Never state them to convey prospects to squad meetings, whether on the telephone or in person, and you'll manage the presentation, expostulation handling, and closing.
  • Never offer to name your downline's listing of prospects and make the assignments for them.
  • When prospecting over the phone, don't let them to sit down around while you're calling leads. Brand them particpate by calling Pbs using the techniques that you taught them.
  • Don't offer to make meetings and assignments anytime that's only convient for them and not for you.

  • Some of this may look harsh, but if you let these things to go on in your web selling business, you'll stop up with a downline filled with people who make nothing. It's all about accountablity. Yes, we have got to assist our downline and be available to them, but some lines should not be crossed. Network Selling is not a day care service!

    If you demo your downline that your willing to make everything for them, why in the human race would they be motivated to make anything themselves? You desire to be careful not to construct a squad full of weak people who depend on you to take attention of them.

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