Friday, February 8, 2008

How & Why Kodak Entered Into Printer Ink Cartridge Business

Basing on Kodak's history of diversifying into industries related to manufacturing its photographic camera production requirements, e.g., plastics for film, movie supply for medical institutions, etc., it makes not come up as a surprise then if Kodak ventures into pressmen and ink cartridge business. Kodak, successfully riding into the digital age, and being one of the stronger rivals in digital photography, is completing the full digital imagination package: it entered into producing high quality pressmen to back up its superior line of digital cameras.

Kodak have a historical bequest of putting more than photographic photographic photographic cameras into the custody of the ordinary people since its origin in the 1870's by producing cheaper, easier to run cameras, and their equally cheaper and easier to develop films. This is just like history repeating itself. Kodak, respective coevals later, is putting photographic photographic cameras into the custody of ordinary people with its high quality but lesser-priced digital cameras. It is now placing out into the market, easier manner to publish photographs with its line of high quality printers: Kodak photograph pressmen with photographic camera docks, and cheaper ink cartridge replacements.

Ink Cartridges Priced 50% Lower Berth than Prevailing Brands

By entering into a joint venture with Lexmark, Kodak joined into the affray of the moneymaking concern of inkjet photograph pressmen in 1999. It introduced Kodak Personal Picture Maker, a practical darkroom equivalent of the traditional photographic cameras with a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, connected via a parallel-port and CompactFlash and SmartMedia compatible high quality pressmen that are usable even without using a computer.

Seven old age later, Kodak denotes the introduction of a new merchandise line of high quality pressmen that are touted to be radical in the sense that these pressmen will give 50% cost nest egg to the printing public. These new theoretical accounts of All-In-One (AiO) high quality printers, thanks to Kodacolor Technology, bring forth laboratory quality black and whites while making a considerable nest egg for consumers in footing of ink cartridge replacements. Commonly known as Kodak Easyshare pressmen these AiO theoretical accounts black and white out bright and sharp high declaration photographs by using high quality pigment-based ink. Photos printed from these are known to last a lifetime. Furthermore, the substitution ink cartridge for these types of pressmen is manner much cheaper because the black and white caput are not manufactured with the ink cartridge. The ink cartridge just functions as an ink tank.

Kodak Targets the Sweet Topographic Point of the Market: Photograph Printers at Home

These high quality pressmen are directed towards mundane consumers as these printers, specifically the ink cartridges are designed to cut down on ink substitution costs. This is exactly the antonym of what personal computer pressman giants like Hewlett-Packard, Canon, and Epson have got been doing. These rivals have got been merchandising pressmen at a less cost as they mean to do money consistently on ink cartridge replacements.

Kodak claims that these AiO high quality printers, in footing of cost, can publish twice the figure of photographs or written documents compared to using the competitors' pressmen and ink cartridges. This is made possible by designing the pressmen with built-in printed head, so consumers will only purchase ink in its army tank without the black and white caput that brands them very expensive. Kodak adds that you necessitate not throw away those black and white caputs every clip users purchase a new ink cartridge. Kodak also sells Kodak Value Battalion that is claimed to cut down the printing cost of a 4 x 6 inch photo.

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