Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Opera Upgrades Mobile Web Browser - InformationWeek

Opera Software on Tuesday unveiled the up-to-the-minute version of its mobile Web browser for commercial use; the browser includes sweetenings like zooming, panning, and Flash support.

Opera Mobile River 9.5 usages Opera's zoom along engineering to enlarge content on a Web page, and pages can be saved for offline browsing when there isn't an Internet connexion available. The new version also utilizes Opera's Presto rendition engine to rush up the burden of pages. Opera said it tweaked the engine to better public presentation by accelerating the handling of Web pages, even those coded using JavaScript and Ajax.

Additionally, version 9.5 supports appliances and Flash for accessing popular societal networks, such as as Facebook and MySpace. Equipment shapers and radio bearers have got the option to include Flash Lite 3 with Opera Mobile, giving their clients the ability to watch YouTube videos, for example, according to Opera.

Widgets are mini applications that sit down on a mobile device's place silver screen and can be accessed with a few clicks. Opera offers the capableness to add appliances in the new version. The company's end is to supply users with a desktop-like experience on little mobile device screens.

Opera Mobile River have been included in more than than 100 million telephones manufactured by HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and others, the company said. Software platform shaper UIQ also collaborated with telephone shapers to present Opera Mobile River 9.5 on future mobile phones.

The up-to-the-minute version is compatible with mobile telephones running the Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Linux platforms. It will be available as a standalone browser and as a software system development kit.

Opera didn't supply pricing, but as a comparing point, it bear downs $24 for earlier versions of the browser.

For those who don't desire to blast out money, Opera offers a free full-featured mobile browser called the Opera Mini. In November, the company of the Opera Mini, which can be viewed in desktop mode, meaning Web pages are displayed exactly as they look on a personal computer or laptop. Users also can access the content they desire by using the zoom along characteristic or choice Small Screen Rendition to avoid horizontal scrolling on a page.

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