Monday, December 17, 2007

Alan Weinkrantz And Company Retained by N-trig to Handle North American Media and Analyst Relations

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, and KFAR SABA, Israel, Dec. Seventeen /PRNewswire/ --
Technology populace dealings firm, Alan Weinkrantz And Company, have been
retained by N-trig, A prima supplier of DuoSense(TM) digitiser technology
combining pen and zero-pressure touch for mobile computing machines into a single
device, to manage the company's North American mass media and industry analyst
relations. Dell Computer announced last hebdomad that they are using N-trig's DuoSense
capacitive touching engineering in the Latitude crosstalk tablet PC. View:
for the fourth estate release. The Latitude crosstalk is currently the lone exchangeable notebook personal computer in the
world with a existent natural input signal double manner digitizer, enabling the ultimate
Windows(TM) View pen-and-touch user experience. N-trig's DuoSense
technology enables users to easily switch over between pen and touching input,
enhancing the productiveness of mobile people by making tablet PCs
more user-friendly and intuitive to use. "N-trig's capacitive touching engineering is so radical in that it
requires zero-pressure, single touch, and supplies the best touch
experience in any merchandise available on the market," stated agency
president, Alan L. Weinkrantz. "We look forward to promoting N-trig's dual
mode engineering to its supply concatenation and OEM / ODM clients who are
delivering on the promise of a new epoch in mobile computing." Information, YouTube videos, a speedy factoid on N-trig's engineering and
much more than is available on our federal agency blog at: . A Totally New Platform For Mobile River Computing Lead computing machine makers will be delivering on a totally new
platform featuring N-trig's up-to-the-minute hardware, software, driver, applet, and
stylus. N-trig's DuoSense digitisers are faster, more than sensitive and
accurate, usage less power, and are easier to incorporate than traditional
solutions and are based on crystalline detector technology, enabling the best
touch experience in any merchandise anywhere in the world. Even the most
experienced tablet users will happen this new engineering to be far more
natural and easy to use. "We selected the federal agency for its experience and working with companies
such as N-trig," said Amihai Ben-David, chief executive officer of N-trig. "Over the past few
months, the federal agency have successfully assisted us in our messaging, PR
strategy, outreach to analysts and of late, our human relationship with OEM
customers." About N-trig: N-trig is the supplier of DuoSense(TM) digitiser engineering combining
pen and zero-pressure touch for mobile computing machines into a single device. N-trig enables OEMs and ODMs to supply advanced new engineering for the
next coevals of mobility by making notebook PCs more mobile, productive,
user-friendly, natural, and intuitive to use. DuoSense is easily
integratable and back ups any type of LCD, giving OEMs and ODMs more
flexibility. Founded in 1999, N-trig's manufacturing capablenesses are in
place for volume production with certified providers and quality control
standards to ran into the demands of its customers. In addition, DuoSense drives
a new degree of mobile productiveness and is enabling new marketplace opportunities
in gambling and multimedia. As a engineering leader in the exploding market
for touching enabled devices, N-trig is backed by outstanding international
investors and have a highly experienced direction squad with a proved track
record. N-trig keeps its planetary central office in Kfar Saba, State Of Israel and
has a regional presence with business offices in Austin, Texas and Taipei, Taiwan. For
more information, delight visit . About Alan Weinkrantz And Company Founded in 1982, Alan Weinkrantz And Company is a full-service
strategic populace dealings house serving technology-based companies in North
America and Israel. The federal agency have a strong path record of helping
companies bring forth visibility, industry acknowledgment and trade flow. Reader Contact Information
Alan Weinkrantz And Company, 3737 Broadway, Suite 280, San Antonio,
Texas, 78209, USA
Tel: 210-820-3075, Fax: 210-820-3080,

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