Saturday, December 22, 2007

Study: Wired Teens Changing Communication Norms

In this age of MySpace, instantaneous messaging, cell phones, and electronic mail make adolescents still have got clip for face-to-face human interaction? According to by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the reply may be no.

Pew establish among teens with entree to multiple word forms of communicating (be it textual matter messaging, online chat, and cell phones) only 35 percentage listed personal human interaction as an mundane agency of communication. That do face-to-face communicating the 2nd least popular option for communicating among wired teens. The lone thing less popular than face-to-face communications was electronic mail with lone 22 percentage of teens saying they sent an electronic mail daily.

Cell telephones are a teenager's chief method for communicating with 70 percentage of Pew study respondents saying it is their primary agency of communicating with peers. Next it was samariums textual matter messaging with 60 percentage of teens saying it was how the communicated with friends.

The Internet is close behind with 54 percentage of teens saying they sent an blink of an eye messaging day-to-day to a friend. Forty-seven percent listed societal networking land sites as how they communicated with friends daily. The landline telephone is still alive and kicking with 46 percentage of teens they used it once a day.

For my money, nil will replace actually meeting people in person. Sure practical communicating can be more than convenient. But emoticons can only make so much in a textual matter or instantaneous message.

The Pew study was based on a survey conducted between Oct. and Nov. 2006 by the Princeton Survey Research Associates International.

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