Wednesday, December 12, 2007 Offers Bill-Me-Later Option - InformationWeek on Tuesday said it have agreed to offer Bill Me Later's non-credit tease payment service as an option to shoppers. In addition, the online retail merchant said it will do an equity investing in its new partner.

Bill Me Later do it possible for registered users of the service to postpone payment on points without using their recognition or debit entry cards. The service directs a measure to clients who can take to pay in full without involvement or fees, or travel on a payment program that would affect interests.

Bill Me Later, like other online payment services, such as as PayPal and Google's Checkout, do money by charging merchandiser fees. In Google's case, the company also sells ads.

The trade sets Bill Me Later in presence of the retailer's 10s of billions of customers. "Bill Me Later have developed a very customer-centric method to do online shopping even easier," Flatness Swann, frailty president of payments at,

Terms of the investing in Bill Me Later were not disclosed. said the dealing is expected to fold in the first one-fourth of 2008.

Bill Me Later and other online payment services are offering particular trades through merchandisers over the vacation shopping season in order to entice more than customers. and offering deferred payments of up to 90 years with some merchandiser partners. To utilize the service, people must first register with the site, and then log in before shopping, choosing the Bill Me Later option at check-out procedure time.

Credit and debit entry card game business relationship for most of the $150 billion spent with online retailers, according to Javelin Scheme and Research. Online payment services are expected to account for 14% of the money spent online this year, rising to 30% by 2012.

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