Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Free Stuff: Online Calendar, SnagIt, and More

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 4:00 Prime Minister PST

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I cognize you like free stuff. This hebdomad I have got a free Web-based calendar, a manner to protect your telephone figure from telemarketers, and free, licensed transcripts of SnagIt and Camtasia. Dig in... Hello Google Calendar... Good-Bye Outlook

This is going to sound dopey, but the lone ground I loading Microsoft Mentality is to utilize the calendar. You heard right: I don't utilize Mentality for e-mail. I don't like about Outlook's e-mail feature--opening a separate window for each message I'm replying to withstands logic and I've always establish Outlook's Contacts cumbersome.

A few hebdomads ago I started playing with Google's . For my minimum programming needs, it's a convenient tool. I can make many of the same things I make in Outlook: quickly add events, alteration positions (day, week, month, adjacent four days), acquire assignment reminders (e-mail Oregon pop-ups), share the calendar (public or private), and add recurring events. And I could acquire samariums presentments if my telephone supported it.

In a few keystrokes, I was able to add a calendar button to the Google toolbar in my browser. One last neat plus: I absolutely love the thought of getting to my calendar from any personal computer with Internet access. For tons more details, take a expression at Google's .
Import Outlook's Events to Google's Calendar

Importing Outlook's events into Google's calendar is painless. Google have and there's only one slippery part. Measure 5 says:

In Google Calendar, guarantee that you've created the calendar that you'd wish to transmigrate events to. Then, at the top of the calendar listing on the left, chink the "Add" down-arrow button and choice "Import Calendar."

It took me 10 proceedings to happen the topographic point they were talking about. Check my silver screen gaining control that shows you the location.

Dig This: Rich Person you been hearing things? Microsoft your personal computer plays "It's a Small, Small World" seemingly at random. Free Disposable Telephone Number

Here's a manner to play it safe when you set your telephone figure into a Craigslist advertisement or give it out to a salesperson. Catch a free, temporary, disposable, and entirely anonymous telephone figure that forwards names to your existent cell or landline. If you begin getting phone calls from the pesky salesperson or are inundated with spamming telemarketers, just disable the number.

The Web service is provided by (catchy, no?), and so far, there's no charge.

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