Friday, December 14, 2007

South Africa: Home Affairs Official Charged With Theft -

Michael AppelPretoria

A clerk at the Home Personal Business business business office in Capital Of South Africa have been arrested after allegedly being set up in ownership of 14 space Idaho written written documents which were to be used for deceitful activities on Wednesday.

The department's Director General Mavuso Msimang, who is currently on a thrust to uproot fraud and corruptness within the department, have announced that a 38-year-old male clerk was arrested following a routine security hunt during luncheon time.

The man, working at the Idaho section, was apparently establish concealment 14 Idaho documents which contained no images on his person.

He have been charged with larceny and taken into detention while probes are underway to establish whether he have any confederates within and outside the department.

Last hebdomad five functionaries were arrested at the department's caput office at Watloo in Capital Of South Africa on complaints ranging from fraud, late enrollment of birth, unlawfully nullifying matrimonies and facilitating deceitful matrimonies between South African women and illegal immigrants.

In early September, Mister Msimang similarly reported the suspension of two senior functionaries pending additional investigation.

Commending the subdivision in its work to root out corruption, Mister Msimang said the up-to-the-minute apprehensions are portion of their nothing tolerance attack to corruption.

Before joining the department, Mister Msimang was instrumental in turning South African National Rosa Parks into a profitable organisation.

While at the helm of the State Information Technology Agency, he encouraged the singling out of corrupt employees in a public name and shame political campaign through an internal publication.

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In his "100 years in office" study in September, Mister Msimang said he should be allowed at least 12 calendar months to turn around the section which have got been plagued by controversy.

His purpose is to turn the section into a modern, efficient, cost-effective service arrangement antiphonal to the demands of South African citizens, occupants and visitants to the country.

Between April and September this twelvemonth 189 functionaries have either been dismissed or suspended on complaints ranging from fraud, embezzlement of state funds, aiding illegal immigrants, illegal issuing of documents, selling deceitful documents, abscondment, soliciting payoffs and larceny of human face value documents.

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