Monday, December 3, 2007

Making your website Google friendly

When you are planning to make an online presence for your brick and howitzer business, it is extremely of import that your land site layout and content is optimised for hunt engines. Your website could athletics a very professional designing but unless it ranks well in hunt engines, it may be tough for possible clients to detect your concern on the internet.

If you are wondering why the statute title states 'Google friendly' where there be so many other hunt engines on the cyberspace (including popular 1s like Yahoo!, Ask and MSN), that's because Google have the range like no other. Most website proprietors would hold that Google alone drives 90-95% of traffic to their websites.

There are basically two ways to drive visitants from Google to your website—one, you purchase advertisements that show up on Google consequences pages for certain keywords or two, work difficult to acquire high rankings in hunt consequences (sometimes called organic traffic). While the former method costs money, organic traffic is free but necessitates attempt and apprehension of how hunt engines work.

We'll concentrate on techniques and guidelines that volition aid better the rank of our web pages in organic hunt results. And though we advert only Google, they make use to all other hunt engines as well.

Clean and descriptive titles: When people scan (nobody reads word by word) the different consequences on a hunt page, that first thing that volition catch their attending is the statute title of your web page. Similarly, if Ten is looking for 'yellow bananas' on Google, web pages that incorporate this term in the statute title are likely to rank higher. A good statute title could look something like 'Yellow Bananas/Green Grocery Shop Store, Mumbai.'

Construct keyword rich URLs: Like titles, hunt engines always favour web pages that incorporate relevant keywords in the URLs of the web page. Continuing with our former 'yellow bananas' example, a uniform resource locator like Oregon will always execute better than something like Oregon

Use Meta tags: Meta tags (keywords and descriptions) were of import in the good old AltaVista years but not anymore since they were so easy to mistreat and hunt engines devised better algorithmic rules to rank web pages. However, good verbal descriptions in meta tags can really assist convey hunt traffic because they look as short snips in hunt pages beneath your page title. If a meta tag is missing, Google could expose some other textual matter page from the web page

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