Saturday, December 8, 2007

Motorola Taps tat's Cascades For Cell Phone UI - InformationWeek

Motorola on Friday signed an understanding to licence a software system engineering platform from The Amazing Tribe AB, a Swedish interior designer of graphical user interfaces, for usage in choice mobile devices.

The Amazing Tribe, which marketplaces itself under the name TAT, will provide Motorola with its Cascade Range technology, allowing the telephone shaper to make a scope of application user interfaces that tin be customized for different marketplace sections and device types, according to TAT.

"TAT Cascade Range offers flexibleness across word form factors and input signal methods and enables rich ocular personal effects -- we look forward to leveraging it as one of our UI model solutions for future products," said Elizabeth Ii Altman, VP of scheme and concern development at Motorola, in a statement.

Neither company have provided specific inside information about handiness of devices with TAT's software system or the marketplaces where these devices will be launched.

But cheapness makes offering hints to what the hereafter devices might look like: Cascade Range utilizes a designing rule that offprints the application logic from its appearance, and usages a scheduling theoretical account that cut downs the amount and the complexness of code. Cascade Range also utilizes TAT's rendition engine, Kastor, for advanced layouts, animations, and particular effects.

While the licence understanding is a positive development for Motorola, the company have been going through major organizational alterations and losing marketplace share to competitors.

Motorola slipped from the beingness world's second-largest supplier of mobile telephones to the No. Three spot, according to its 3rd one-fourth figures. The company's from 20.7% to 13.1% year-over-year. Meanwhile, Samsung's marketplace share rose to 14.5% and Nokia goes on to lead, accounting for 38.1% of the planetary marketplace share.

Last month, Motorola's board of managers announced that main executive director Erectile Dysfunction Zander will be from his station to be replaced by president and coo Greg Brown. Then this week, it when Lake Herring Systems hired Padmasree Warrior, Motorola's former caput of technology.

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