Monday, April 14, 2008

China's Internet users are more into exploration - People's Daily Online

When making mention to the difference between United States Internet users and China's Internet users, Kai-Fu Lee, frailty president of Google Inc. and president of Google Greater China, said that China's Internet users are more than into exploration. Kai-Fu Downwind spoke at a conference with the subject of "the Future of Internet": a out of-bounds of the Boao Forum for the Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2008. Kai-fu Downwind said that compared to an norm age of 40 among United States Internet users, the norm age of China's Internet users is only 25 old age old. An Internet oriented around little users is characterized by a chase and avocation for amusement and community. Google's hunt consequences demo that China's Internet users are very curious. While users in the United States remain in the hunt consequences for 10 seconds; China's Internet users stay 30-60 seconds. "Users in the United States are more than than than into the search; and China's Internet users are more into exploration." He said that compared with the United States - in footing of information gateway picks and amusement options - China's Internet users trust more on the Internet. It is because Chinese immature people deficiency adequate amusement and chances for interpersonal human relationships that they are more than likely to take the cyberspace for amusement and do friends in the Internet community to ran into their psychological needs. In addition, many users have got not had many experiences; and so the Internet is an eye-opener to them. By People's Daily Online

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